Brandon Sheppard, Jared Landers win Friday’s Dream features at Eldora

By Jamie Wilson - For The Daily Advocate

ROSSBURG – Brandon Sheppard of New Berlin, Ill., and Jared Landers of Batesville, Ark., won the features and $10,000 checks during racing on Friday at Eldora Speedway’s 22nd annual Dirt Late Model Dream.

In heat one of the UMP Late Models the 99JR-Frank Heckenast Jr, 32P of Bobby Pierce and the 1G of Devin Gilpin claimed the top three spots.

In heat two the 6 of Johnathan Davenport, 5 of Don O’Neal and the 1P of Earl Pearson Jr took the top three. The yellow flag came out on lap seven for Chase Junghans, who finished three laps down.

Heat three had 3s of Brian Shirley, 21 of Billy Moyer and C9 of Steve Casebolt place in the top three. The yellow flag came out before the race even had one lap completed.

In heat four the 8 of Shannon Babb, 777 of Jared Landers and 1 of Josh Richards took the top three.

In heat five the 28 of Dennis Erb Jr., B5 of Brandon Sheppard and 17M of Dale McDowell finished in the top three.

Heat six saw a yellow on lap four. The 33X of Ricky Thornton JR, 22S of Greg Satterlee and the 11A of Austin Smith finished top three.

Heat seven saw 101 of Casey Roberts, 21B of Chris Brown and the 15L of Darrell Lanigan in the top three.

Heat eight had 15 of Jon Henry, 0 of Scott Bloomfield and the 7B of Jeff Babcock in top three. Jason Noll was down one lap.

In the B Feature, which consisted of 12 laps, the 44M of Chris Madden won the race while 16 of Tyler Bruening and the 97 of Michael Chilton took the second and third place in the race. There was a yellow flag on lap nine.

In the B Feature Main 2 the 55 of Jeep VanWormer, 11RS of Rusty Schlenk and the 32 of Chris Simpson rounded out the top three spots.

In the A Feature Main 1, which ran 25 laps, B5 Brandon Sheppard won this feature to win the money. The 28 of Dennis Erb Jr and 32P of Bobby Pierce also took top three places in the race. The race saw a yellow flag on lap seven, eight (which turned red) and 13.

In the A Main 2 the 777 car of Jared Landers won the race while the 0 car of Scott Bloomquist and 22S of Gregg Satterlee took home the second and third place.

Both Sheppard and Landers both made their winning passes on lap 15. They then continued to pull away with 10 laps remaining.

By Jamie Wilson

For The Daily Advocate