Franklin Monroe girls finish 2nd in Tri-Village’s Patriot Invitational cross country meet

By Kyle Shaner -

NEW MADISON – Tri-Village hosted its Patriot Invitational cross country meet on Tuesday with Franklin Monroe’s girls earning a second place finish.

Franklin Monroe finished second in the high school girls meet behind champion Miami East. Houston finished third, Ansonia was fourth, Arcanum finished fifth, Tri-County North was sixth, and Tri-Village finished seventh.

Selene Weaver led the runner up Lady Jets by finishing eighth overall in a time of 22:28. Also for Franklin Monroe, Audrey Cable finished 10th in 22:56, Nicole Brocious finished 14th in 24:01, Danielle McVey finished 24th in 25:14, Cayley Baker finished 26th in 25:32, Taylor Hackney finished 42nd in 28:16, Scout Meyer finished 43rd in 28:21, Keara Knepshield finished 44th in 28:22, and Hannah Berry finished 52nd in 31:56.

Olivia Wright led Ansonia’s girls by finishing 15th overall in a time of 24:03. Also for the Lady Tigers, Katie Werts finished 19th in 24:46, Skyler Marker finished 25th in 25:31, Amber Bergman finished 30th in 26:24, Stefani Garrett finished 37th in 27:32, and Millie Widener finished 53rd in 35:51.

Marcy Bradshaw led Arcanum’s girls as she finished fourth overall with a time of 21:09. Also for the Lady Trojans, Mara Wetzel finished 12th in 23:30, Kayla O’Daniel finished 21st in 24:52, Lana Johnson finished 49th in 31:12, Makennah Hutcheson finished 54th in 36:40, Mekenna Gunckel finished 56th in 40:35, and Marlee Hess finished 57th in 42:59.

Lissa Siler led Tri-Village’s girls as she finished 22nd overall in 25:01. Also for the Lady Patriots, Shelby Holzapfel finished 27th in 25:48, Becky O’Connor finished 35th in 26:51, MacKenzie Stucky finished 41st in 28:14, and Kathryn Combs finished 50th in 31:16.

Maia Stump led the Bradford girls by finishing 13th in in 23:52. Also for the Lady Railroaders, Elisa Martinez finished 34th in 26:51.

Whitney King led Mississinawa Valley’s girls as she finished 47th overall in 30:47. Also for the Lady Hawks, Casey Carrico finished 51st in 31:25, and Piper Phillips finished 55th in 37:25.

Miami East’s Lorenza Savini won the high school girls race, which included 57 runners, with a time of 20:12.

In the high school boys race Houston was the team champion, National Trail finished second, Miami East was third, Franklin Monroe finished fourth, Arcanum finished fifth, Newton was sixth, Eaton finished seventh, Dixie was eighth, Tri-County North finished ninth, Bradford was 10th, and Ansonia finished 11th.

Cole Good led the Franklin Monroe boys by finishing fourth overall in a time of 17:35. Also for the Jets, Zach Gilliland finished 20th in 18:44, John Myers finished 29th in 19:18, Ross Thayer finished 40th in 20:00, Alex Schmitmeyer finished 63rd in 21:48, Justin Chen finished 66th in 22:06, Isaac Schmitmeyer finished 68th in 22:13, Adrian Nelson finished 89th in 26:13, Hunter Willoughby finished 91st in 26:19, and Jonathan Chen finished 93rd in 27:09.

Isaac Stephens led Arcanum’s boys, finishing third overall in a time of 17:34. Also for the Trojans, Tanner Delk finished seventh in 17:51, Chance Klipstine finished 32nd in 19:28, Ethan Moores finished 69th in 22:22, Mitchel Wogomon finished 74th in 23:11, Jimmy Barry finished 76th in 23:18, and Auris Alderman finished 94th in 27:20.

Jackson Moore led the Bradford boys by finishing 26th with a time of 19:13. Also for the Railroaders, Jay Roberts finished 30th in 19:25, Shane Bryan finished 75th in 23:12, Jared Shellabarger finished 77th in 23:26, Joe Roth finished 82nd in 24:43, and Jordan Shellabarger finished 87th in 24:58.

Brandon Thornhill led the Ansonia boys as he finished 58th overall in a time of 21:31. Also for the Tigers, Michael Hall finished 67th in 22:10, Daniel Shaner finished 78th in 23:32, Tyler Neal finished 81st in 24:21, and Jacob Vietor finished 90th in 26:19.

Dalton Marker led the Mississinawa Valley boys by finishing 60th in 21:42. Also for the Blackhawks, Kaine Daniels finished 88th in 25:35.

Landen Fraylick led Tri-Village’s boys, finishing 56th overall with a time of 21:13. Also for the Patriots, Kamron Berghoff finished 80th in 24:09, Cameron Armstrong finished 83rd in 24:45, and Tanner Jones finished 95th in 27:36.

Houston’s Tristin Freistuhler won the high school boys race, which included 97 runners, in a time of 17:17.

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By Kyle Shaner

Kyle Shaner may be reached at 937-569-4316. Follow me on Twitter @KShanerAdvocate or get updates on Facebook by searching Darke County Sports or Advocate 360. For more features online go to

Kyle Shaner may be reached at 937-569-4316. Follow me on Twitter @KShanerAdvocate or get updates on Facebook by searching Darke County Sports or Advocate 360. For more features online go to