CADC hits donation milestone


GREENVILLE — With its 20th anniversary this year, it’s only fitting that the Cancer Association of Darke County should reach a milestone of giving this year as well. The CADC reached the $1 million mark in total donations received, enabling the local organization to continue providing support to some of the most vulnerable in the community.

The CADC provides benefits directly to cancer patients who live here in Darke County. According to Executive Director Christine Lynn, overhead is kept low to ensure that the most funds possible are available to assist cancer patients.

“Everything stays here local,” Lynn said. “In fact, that’s one of only two requirements to receive benefits: that you be a Darke County resident and that you have a confirmed diagnosis of cancer.”

A small portion of the annual budget goes to research, Lynn said, but only that amount that was specifically earmarked for research in a bequest given to the CADC.

What makes the CADC unique is that the benefits are going directly to the patient — not to doctors, pharmacies or researchers — to assist them in covering the costs of their cancer-related needs.

The CADC will reimburse 20 cents per mile for travel for doctor’s visits, testing or treatment, up to $200 per month. The association will even help find a volunteer driver for those who can’t find transportation for these purposes.

Up to $275 per month will be reimbursed for cancer-related medications, Lynn said, including over-the-counter medications recommended by a doctor because of the cancer. Reimbursement covers out-of-pocket expenses not paid by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

“We try to find a reason to pay, not a reason not to pay,” Lynn said.

The cost of cancer-related medical supplies are reimbursed up to $150 per month, and financial assistance for costs for medical services for the uninsured or underinsured are a new benefit just adopted in February.

The CADC also provides nutritional supplements for cancer patients when recommended by a physicial. The association provides up to four cases of Ensure per month or a reimbursement of up to $100 a month for an alternate nutritional supplement.

The CADC also has wigs, head coverings, blankets and other donated supplies as available.

The association is conveniently located in the same building alongside the Wayne Cancer Center at 1111 Sweitzer St., Suite C, in Greenville. When the building, which opened in 2013, was under construction, space was offered rent-free to the CADC to provide convenient support for Darke County cancer patients.

The association is funded almost entirely locally, through bequests, corporate donations, memorials and private contributions, as well as fundraisers such as the Annie Oakley Golf Tournament, gourmet dinner drawing, Christmas poinsettia sales, the Survivors Day Walk, and a few others. Some funding is received from the United Way as well.

About $93,000 was distributed to cancer patients in Darke County last year, with the number rising just about every year. Lynn said there are about 270 patients on the logs for the association. Patients stay on the active list for five years but can be renewed. Checks were distributed to 85 patients last month.

Individuals or organizations wishing to donate time, money or services in support of the CADC should contact the office at 937-548-9960. Office hourse are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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