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An interesting Newsweek poll showed that 49 percent of American fathers do a better job of parenting than their dads did. A majority of dads polled (54 percent) say they share equal parenting responsibilities with their wives. And 24 percent felt they do more than their spouses (although 51 percent of the mothers claim otherwise!!).

Whatever the statistics, the real issue is how much we are involved in molding our children and grandchildren. Balancing family and work can be a difficult task, and the demands of the job can easily take precedence over the needs of your family. I once heard this said, “Nowadays you’ll find almost everything in the home … except the family!”

In the New Testament the apostle Paul’s encouragement clearly teaches us that our highest calling is to take care of our families!

To find that needed balance:

  • make sure your children have fun at church!
  • take a vacation!
  • maintain set office hours
  • go to your children’s sporting events and other activities
  • date your mate on a regular basis!
  • pray with your family!
  • pray daily for your family

Remember, your family is unique and God-given. Your first and foremost responsibilities are to them!

They will be the greatest fulfillment and blessing in your life!

It’s Father’s Day … take your family to church and celebrate the love of your Heavenly Father!

“He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him with proper respect.” – 1 Timothy 3:4

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