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In my years of ministry I’ve performed numerous marriage ceremonies. Some of the ceremonies have been rather unique: on a chartered riverboat on the Ohio River … on a mountain estate … and even in a beautiful stone chapel in an arboretum. It is an honor and a joy to be a part of a joyful marriage ceremony!

For most of us, what we really enjoy about weddings is the atmosphere of joy and beauty that surround the occasion.

• the music is carefully chosen and rehearsed

• family members and friends will travel great distances to attend

• vows of committed love are shared

• beautiful rings are exchanged

• people arrive beautifully dressed in their best and carrying carefully selected (and oftentimes expensive) gifts

• at most wedding receptions you get enjoy a delicious dinner

• most wedding receptions have a DJ or an instrumental ensemble playing music so folks can dance. And, everyone enjoys the sweet moment when the bride dances with her father and the groom dances with his mother.

Now, believe it or not … I enjoy dancing! But, in my choice of work about the only time I get to dance is at a wedding reception. So, I take advantage of it and enjoy the pleasure of slow dancing with my wife to a romantic song. It’s wonderful!

You may recall that the Bible pictures heaven as the union of Christ and His bride. And it’s a place of love, joy, music, laughter, and togetherness. Scripture calls attention to this in Revelation 19:9 … “Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!”

And, you know what? I believe we will dance in His presence! Psalm 149:3 tells us to … “Praise His name with dancing.”

And, I don’t think we’ll be dancing on a tiled dance floor. Nope! We’ll be dancing on streets made of gold!

Are you familiar with the words from this praise chorus…

“We will dance on the streets that are golden;

The glorious bride and the great Son of Man.

From every tongue and tribe and nation,

Will join in the song of the Lamb!”

I hope that you have accepted the invitation to be a part of THE wedding celebration! It’s going to be awesome!!

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