Memorial wall



“Decoration Day” or Memorial Day has come and gone. One of our most forgotten cemeteries (here in town) has been forgotten for years. But a few years ago – that changed. The Memorial Wall that honors our early setters who started this town and also gave their lives. Did you know there are seven 1812 soldiers buried there? Two Civil War veterans and one Revolution soldier that was moved to the new Greenville Cemetery years ago.

But he has a memorial plaque like his comrades at the Water Street cemetery. When the flags were put out this year, no one brushed the dirt, etc. off the plaques. That is part of the park board’s job. Look behind the wall and you will see another tombstone that had been missing for 159 years.

This is the first time I have seen flowers there and they are on the Scribner plaques. Perhaps a relative? The next time you drive down East Water Street, stop and read the markers and names on the wall. This is our “early Darke County history.”

Florence H. Magoto


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