How sheepish are we?



I am wondering just how sheepish we Americans are?

The courts rule that votes on social issues of the majority are not important. Marriage is a social issue, yet government control is imposed.

They are now proclaiming states do not have the right to select what material is in local schools and allow items that lower the standards and quality of education.

People are now voting in our country that have no right to do so. And we expand the day on voting for what purpose? So that folks can vote often, even folks long passed are still registered and casting votes.

Our government is now securely locked into the best money can buy. The so-called representative government is presently a farce, the Constitution is meaningless. Folks, we are in the same position as before the revolutionary war; state or federal could care less about the people. They have not come close to management and control of this government. We are continuing to spend the money of our grandchildren, and several generations beyond. It does not concern people that our government representatives violates the Constitution with fear of impunity.

The financial markets are controlled by money managers in control of mutual funds. There only concern is what comes into their pockets and not yours. They control almost all publicly-traded firms. Say you have 100 shares in a company, one vote per share; they may have control of over millions of shares. All short-term ideology, quick-profit, no long-term plans. Any thoughts of long-term plans are set aside. Yet, the public cannot survive without investing in the markets to establish our future.

Less than 5 percent of the egg industry has an issue and the price of eggs go up to over $2.50 a dozen. Yet, I will not eat or purchase eggs until after the cost is back below $1.75 a dozen. This is a great personal change of habit for me, I usually eat three or four eggs a day. I know it will not have an impact on the total market however, should the whole population do so the market would change.

While talking about food, manufacturers reduced the quantity in a container and raise the price. Having a small background in economics and manufacturing, I am sure that those in marketing and accounting have made it clear that the public can be persuaded to accept these changes. Then, of course, we have those food police that say we over-consume therefore it is for our own good. Eat less and work longer to support their ideal environment.

Which leads us to the nation’s Oil and Gas producers. It was announced that America now has the largest reserves in the world. They build more convenient pipe lines, drill more and do not increase production for us, but ship it to other ports. We continue to grant them tax advantages and supplements, and the price of product continues to increase. We have ignored the increases in cost without really utilizing our resources. What we need is a different type of oil and gas to break the hold of the petroleum industry.

I am not talking about wind or solar because they could not survive without government support, they are way too costly. In maintenance costs and reliability alone they could never come close to the of coal production plants. The environmental concerns can be addressed and proven for the betterment of the all consumers. There is a great falsity in promoting electric automotive transportation, it is based upon environmental issues, yet to produce this electricity with wind and solar power the cost factors are not considered. Have you ever heard of the lack of money for the use of the roads and bridges that comes from gas taxes? Electric cars do not pay these taxes; neither do those utilizing propane or natural gas.

The question remains how sheepish are we America? I would say, like lambs to the slaughter. You do have a choice stop buying the kool-aid; purchase power gets things to change. Refuse to buy in to the sales pitch and demand quality goods for the increased prices. After all it comes from your pockets.

Take care and God bless.

Kirby Clark


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