Tryon resigns from City Council


By Erik Martin

[email protected]

GREENVILLE — The Greenville City Council has an open position following the resignation of Councilman Tracy Tryon.

Council President John Burkett made the announcement at the beginning of council’s Tuesday night meeting, noting that Tryon’s resignation became effective at 11:59 p.m. June 30.

Tryon has served on council on two separate occasions — first from 1992 to 2000 representing Greenville’s Second Ward, and from 2006 to present as an At-Large councilman.

In his resignation letter to President Burkett, Tryon cited his retirement from Greenville City Schools, where he had been employed for more than 33 years.

As part of the terms of his retirement from the state teacher’s retirement system, Tryon is not allowed to work in any capacity for a period of at least 60 days, including council.

As Tryon was a Republican, the Darke County GOP could name a replacement to fill his seat. After 45 days, if the position remains unfilled, council will have 30 days to make an appointment.

Tryon told the Daily Advocate he hopes, after the 60-day period following his retirement, that council will reappoint him to the seat.

“That is my goal,” he said.

In regards to what he plans to do for the next two months, Tryon said, “I will be doing some traveling, see some buddies from college, and relax.”

Though admitting he “hasn’t thought that far ahead,” Tryon said that by not working both jobs, he would be able to concentrate more on council matters if reappointed.

However, he remarked, “I still feel like I could do both.”

“I’ve been very blessed,” he added. “A lot of people in the community have helped me both as a teacher and on council. I feel like being involved is a way to give back.”

In other business, council voted to send its proposed 2016 city budget to the county auditor for review.

Council also scheduled a work session for July 9 to continue discussion on the Utilities Committee report on water and sewer rates, a report originally submitted at council’s June 16 meeting.

In addition, council approved the following resolutions and ordinances:

  • An ordinance authorizing appropriations to the general fund for auditor office supplies in the amount of $1,438 and council office supplies for $1,438, needed to cover the cost of printing the 2014 ordinance updates. The ordinance also allows for community funds in the amount of $7,550 for fireworks and $2,200 for new fire department employee uniforms.
  • A transfer ordinance authorizing $1,500 for the police department to cover an overage.
  • A resolution amending Ordinance 15-32 to correct the amount of a “fixed asset” to be $5,000.
  • A resolution accepting a bid from Brumbaugh Construction Inc., for the Gardenwood Avenue/Rhoades Avenue Reconstruction Project.
  • An ordinance allowing the Miami Valley Communications Council to jointly negotiate with DP&L Energy on a one-price schedule for street lighting.
  • An ordinance allowing the city’s Safety/Service Director to apply for a $450,000 Ohio Public Works Commission grant to make improvements to West Fourth Street and Sweitzer Street in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Transportation project previously funded.
  • An ordinance allowing an agreement between the City of Greenville and Darke County for the installation of a security camera on the city’s light fixture.
  • An ordinance allowing American Legal Publishing to complete the updates of the codified ordinances for 2014.
  • An ordinance amending Ordinance 01-153 to clarify the disposition of the city’s Wastewater Reserve Fund.

Greenville City Council meets at 7:30 p.m. the first and third Tuesdays of every month at 100 Public Square. Citizens are welcome to attend and address council during the public hearing portion of the sessions.

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