Wilson Memorial unveils new name, new look and new outlook


SIDNEY, Ohio – For the first time in nearly 85 years, Wilson Memorial Hospital has unveiled a new name and new look, while also establishing a new community outlook.

With the start of a “brand new day” at Wilson Memorial, the new name, look and outlook emphasizes the hospital’s focus on redefining healthcare through proper education and prevention starting in the community.

“In life, change is inevitable – people change, places change and names change,” said Stan Crosley, Board Chair. “Change is a part of life – a part of growth and a part of moving forward.”

Crosley reflected back through years of when Wilson Memorial Hospital first opened its doors in 1930.

“As Wilson Memorial Hospital changes and grows, it’s important to reflect on where we began and never lose sight of what we’ve accomplished,” Crosley said.

After decades of serving Shelby County and the surrounding communities, Wilson Memorial found itself poised for resurgent growth and continued success.

“To shift the culture of the hospital to be identified as a health network with a unified purpose and theme, there needed to be a change in our messaging and branding,” said Mark Dooley, Chief Executive Officer.

The new name, look and outlook of Wilson Memorial – the result of over a year’s worth of perceptional research studies, interviews and analysis – was introduced today at a public unveiling event held on the main campus. Attendees at the event, including hospital staff, management, past and present board members and local leaders from the community, were a part of history as Wilson Memorial revealed its new name: Wilson Health.

The new logo for Wilson Health was also disclosed, featuring an abstract “W” design, closely resembling the Lemniscate. The Lemniscate is a mathematical symbol of infinity, representing a symbol for Wilson Health’s ongoing pledge to improve the health and vitality of the community through a never-ending cycle of education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, across every stage of a person’s life. With the new logo, a new tagline was also established; Wilson Health: Caring Without Limits.

Caring Without Limits represents Wilson Health’s commitment to prevention and education by improving the health of the entire community, not just diagnosing and treating patients. By being educated and aware, members within the community can take preventative measures to improve their overall health.

“Our tagline, Caring Without Limits, is a powerful phrase that identifies Wilson Health by capturing the essence of our brand purpose, position and promise to the community,” said Margo O’Leary, Director of Marketing and Public Relations. “Our independence and connection to the community is unique in today’s healthcare environment. The new Wilson Health brand reflects this outlook.”

Wilson Health’s facilities, services and tools will remain the same; however, the long-term vision will change with a shift in focus to include more prevention and education in the community.

“A hospital has to be more than a place people go when they’re sick. It needs to be an active part of the community that helps people live healthier lives,” said Dr. Frederick Simpson, M.D., Chief Medical Officer.

Starting today, the new logo and tagline will begin appearing with the Wilson Health name throughout the healthcare organization, as well as in the community. This will be a phased transition that will occur over time.

“Now is the time to focus on the things that matter most,” said Dooley. “At Wilson Health, we’re extending care beyond the walls of the hospital with information and resources designed to keep you in charge of your health. In return, you can spend more time doing what you love, with those you love.”

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