Wyan wins at Cash Explosion


By Linda Moody

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BRADFORD — John Wyan was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, when his mother called and told him his name had been drawn for the weekly Cash Explosion show on television.

The taping of the one show aired this past Saturday night, at which time, he walked away with $75,000, minus taxes. Yet, he won the $75,000 on the July 4 airing.

“I made $75,000 in eight hours,” he beamed.

Wyan went to the studio in Hilliard, Ohio, near Columbus, on June 23, for his first time at the show. He competed against four others in the one round and won, and then came back to compete against the winner of the other round, and they competed against the reigning champion from the week before.

He bought this winning ticket at Lavy’s Marathon in Gettysburg. It is one of the three places that he buys his Cash Explosion tickets. The other two sites he alternates buying them at are Marshall’s in Bradford and the Marathon station on Russ Road in Greenville.

There is a method to his playing the game.

“I only spend $10 a week and that’s for five tickets a week,” he said “My winnings are my lottery money. If I win, it goes back in for more lottery games.”

Cash Explosion tickets are $2, where as they used to be $1 each.

“I quit for about a month or so when they went to $2,” he said.

He must have been satisfied with the math he did on it, because he began playing again.

While waiting to go on the show, Wyan said he had a dream that he won $174,000, but, of course, that didn’t pan out. However, he had a system he was going to use when choosing the letters during the actual game. What order would he use, it be C, A, S or H? And, then when the two winners for the day went against the champion from the week before, he knew exactly what numbers he wanted to play there and his choices proved to be successful that time.

But when the show aired Saturday, he wasn’t as successful. But, he’s okay with that.

Wyan, who works at Norcold in Gettysburg, said he plans to use his winnings for a trip on his Harley-Davidson to South America and back someday.

“I have never been out of the country,” he said. “There is the Highway 1 Pacific Coast Highway, and in 2010, I rode to California, was there for 10 days and was almost to Monterrey when it got too hot. The next time, I want to go to Mexico, get a sombrero and come back. When I do it, I’d like to it in early spring.”

The son of Patti Wyan and the late Raymond Wyan, he said his mother, several relatives and friend Kathy Thornton made the trip with him to the show.

“Mom was ecstatic I got to go,” said the 1987 graduate of Greenville High School.

After taxes, 46-year-old Wyan brought home a check for $53,250.

At the very first game, he explained that he had won $12,100 and that figure was doubled as he entered the final competition. Then, when he won the $50,000, that previous money, the $24,200, was forfeited.

Wyan said he has been playing Cash Explosion tickets for years and has probably turned in 50 or so ENTRY tickets. They are the ones that are entered in the competition…the tickets with ENTRY on it three times.

“The way I did it was turn then in as soon as I got them,” he said.

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