Annie Oakley baseball tournament completed


GREENVILLE – The Annie Oakley baseball tourney at Sater Park recently was completed under the direction of Ryan Burke.

The tournament was scheduled to run from July 17 to July 19 but with the rain it lasted until late Monday night for the last championship game.

“The tourney was a huge success as usual with 53 teams in from Ohio and Indiana,” Burke said. “The price was right with all the games being free to watch, and the tourney has been reaching legendary status by going on at least for the last 20 years. I remember playing in this when I was a kid. We want to thank the teams who came out as this is a big fundraiser for our ball diamonds. Tournament victors were from all over the Buckeye state to the Crossroads of America state in Indiana.”

The 8 and younger champs were the Ohio Redbirds, who chirped in with enough runs to claim the crown out of Chillicothe.

The 9 and younger victors were the Tri-County Twisters, who blew through the tourney to engulf the trophy out of Darke and Randolph counties.

The 10 and younger victors who stole the show and the hearts of many were the Indiana Bandits based out of the capital city of Indianapolis.

The 11 and younger champions were the best hitters on this four-day affair known as the Slug Patches. They left no base paths covered up as they came from the nearby Red Devil town of Richmond.

The 12 and younger triumphants stomped around through and over their foes as the Tri-County Little Giants were heard loud and clear at Sater Park. They came from Graham and the Miami East area designated as Conover.

The 14 and younger stalwarts who claimed the great prize again were the Richmond Reds.

“The Greenville contingent performed extremely well especially in the 9 and under category where they placed second,” Burke said. “In the l0 and under division they garnered a third place finish. It was a good time had by all despite all the thunder and lightning that engulfed the area.However, we persevered, and I’m confident the tournament next year will be a sure shot success.”

By Ted Landis, Jr.

For The Daily Advocate

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