Survey takers seek resident participation


DARKE COUNTY — Wayne HealthCare and the Darke County Health Department, in collaboration with the Wright State University Center for Urban and Public Affairs, will begin contacting Darke County adults and requesting their participation in the “Community Health Needs Assessment Survey.”

Area residents may receive a phone call asking them to participate in a 15-to-20 minute survey about their health and the healthcare services available in Darke County.

Healthcare officials want residents to know that the call is not a scam or prank and the survey will be used to gather essential information to be used to assess the health needs of residents for healthcare providers to offer programs, physicians and services.

The survey is completely confidential and will not include any identifying information.

The telephone survey will be conducted by graduate students at Wright State in order to collect valuable health information from a minimum of 400 adults.

Wayne HealthCare and the Darke County Health Department is requesting that residents take their time when completing the survey.

The data gathered will be used by the collaborative organizations and other community partners to identify health issues and concerns from residents’ perspective and will also be used to seek future grants to work on implementation of a health improvement plan for Darke County.

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