Funding for Electronic Pollbooks available


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted advised county boards of elections on the amount of funding available to each board for the implementation of e-pollbooks.

“E-Pollbooks are a great advancement in voter technology that will make elections simpler for both Ohio voters and the staff and volunteers who assist them on Election Day,” said Husted.

The state legislature appropriated $12.7 million to aid county governments in covering the cost of upgrading to e-pollbooks during the biennial budget (Am. Sub. H.B. 64) enacted on June 30th.

In partnership with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, Secretary Husted is working to help counties move forward with the procurement of the new technology ahead of the 2015 General Election.

“Ohioans already wait less time in line when casting their ballot at the polls than most Americans and implementation of e-pollbooks statewide is the next step we can take to lead the nation forward in making it easier to vote and hard to cheat,” added Secretary Husted.

The state funding is intended to cover up to 85 percent of each county’s purchase cost with funds being distributed based on county population.

Secretary Husted also released a list of vendors and devices that have been approved for use in the Buckeye State to help guide the boards of elections in beginning the process.

The 21 Ohio counties who already implemented electronic pollbook technology are also eligible to take part in the state grant to recoup part of the costs associated with the upgrade.

Though counties are not required to implement e-pollbook technology before the 2015 General Election, Secretary Husted has encouraged them to move forward in time for the upgrade to be in place for the Presidential Election held in 2016.

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