Fair Safety Committee release traffic pattern change


GREENVILLE – The Darke County Fair Safety Committee would like to remind the local citizens of the traffic pattern that will be in place during the Great Darke County Fair.

As many may recall last year, a new traffic pattern was put into effect at Gate 1 of the Darke County Fairgrounds.

Gate 1 is located at the intersection of Sweitzer Street and Birt Street. The purpose of the change is to improve the overall safety of pedestrian traffic that crosses at that intersection during the week of the fair. Lane restrictions were put into place and efforts were made to clearly mark the pedestrian crossing areas.

At the conclusion of last years fair the safety committee along with the support of all agencies involved decided to keep this in place for future fairs. The traffic pattern received positive reviews last year from fair attendees.

A clearly marked pedestrian crosswalk is in place that crosses Sweitzer Street and Birt Street. The crosswalk leads pedestrians to the walk-in entrance to the fair. The southbound traffic of Sweitzer Street shall remain in a single lane of traffic until passing the Gate 1 area.

Any traffic exiting Gate 1 from the fair must turn right (south) on to Sweitzer Street.

Northbound traffic on Sweitzer Street can continue north as normal. Any northbound traffic may also turn east on Birt Street as normal.

Birt Street westbound will be closed at Central Ave to eliminate any traffic from entering on to Sweitzer Street from that direction. The lanes of travel in this area will be clearly marked with cones and verticades to assist motorists in remaining in their appropriate lanes until clearing the Gate 1 area.

Citizens can expect to see the signs and cones to be in place approximately Wednesday or Thursday prior to the fair. The traffic pattern will be in effect Friday morning of the fair.

There will be a clearly marked off area for pedestrians to walk in the grass area on the west side of Sweitzer Street and south of the Gate 1 entrance. This is to assist pedestrians coming from parking areas or businesses on that side of the street and eliminate the need for them to walk on the street when approaching Gate 1.

Arrangements have been made for businesses in the area to still be accessible; however, you must obey the appropriate traffic signals and signs.

The Darke County Sheriff’s Office and Greenville Police Department will be patrolling these areas to assist and make sure vehicular and pedestrian traffic have a safe Darke County Fair.



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