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The Great Darke County Fair is coming!! Do you think the people of Darke County are prejudice when we call it “The Great” Darke County fair?

We have said it time and again, if you visit other county fairs in Ohio or Indiana, there is none that compare to the quality, and quantity, we have in Darke County.

We have accredited judges from The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs asking to be invited to come to Darke County to have an opportunity to judge the two flower shows (the first Saturday and Wednesday) we offer in the basement of the coliseum. Four Ladybug Garden Club members attended the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs Exhibitor and Judges school recently where they offer a comprehensive program including much material on both horticulture and flower arranging. The series consists of six, two day schools held at different seasons over a three year period. Exhibitor and judges are taught artistic designs, horticulture, schedule writing, correct ways of staging flower shows, plant identification, color theory, and so much more.

Exhibitors are encouraged to attend these schools to gain knowledge but are not required to take the exams. To become a judge, a student must be a member of an OAGC garden club, study and take the written exams and devote this to their lives for three years. Students from Darke County working toward accreditation are Irma Heiser, Cathy Detrick and Kim Cromwell. These girls are working hard and we tip our hats to them for their time, talents and dedication they devote beyond their everyday lives with family and work.

At these schools, we enjoy catching up with other OAGC members on gardening. Over and over again, the judges who have been to The Great Darke County Fair flower shows always remark what great educational shows the Darke County Association of Garden Clubs displays. They give special comments on the Junior Division noting this division far exceeds in quality and quantity what many adult clubs in other county fairs stage.

Having been to numerous county fairs in Ohio, Darke County admission price is better for what you get, the animal’s projects are better, the 4-H and Ag program is better, the fine arts and domestic arts are much better, the flower shows are better, vendors, and we all know, the food is better!

People in this area may take the fair for granted and a very few have negative thoughts but where else can you have as much fun for little of nothing?

All of this makes us proud to be a part of “The Great Darke County Fair.”
Fair is just around the corner

By Charlene Thornhill

Charlene Thornhill is a volunteer citizen columnist, who serves The Daily Advocate readers weekly with her community column Along the Garden Path. She can be reached at [email protected]. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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