White Horse Ministries coming


UNION CITY, Ohio — Steve “Slowride,” Debbie and “Little John” Haskins of White Horse Ministries “rides into lives, homes, clubs or churches with a “witness” like none other which reaches the lost, hurting, confused, rejected and lonely.

Their message will be heard at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at Word of Life Worship Center, 1395 Ellis Road, Union City, Ohio.

It was noted that the ministry is “especially powerful, their love sincere and lifestyle real.”

This ministry, it was noted, is especially successful among the biker community, reaching not only social biker clubs but also “hard core” biker clubs.

“Slowride explains the Ministry Patch in that Jesus is coming soon, not as a bleeding lamb, but a reigning King, coming conquering, victoriously over all the nations and leaders of this world,” said a spokesperson. “They are endeavoring to see as many as possible come to Jesus, now, to avoid His wrath.”

Other guests include Chuck Eberle, who portrays General Robert E. Lee and shares his faith, and a surprise guest.

“We invite you to come and meet these special bikers and see the challenges they face in spreading God’s grace to a lost and dying world,” said the spokesperson. “If you are up for a challenge, want something new and exciting, with never a dull moment, hear the White Horse Ministries and meet the people God has sent into the biker communities to spread His gospel.”

For more information, call 765-730-0244 or 765-964-5603. Pastor is George Hughes.


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