Runners begin season at Milton-Union

WEST MILTON – Seven of Darke County’s eight high school cross country teams began the 2015 season at Milton-Union’s Bob Schul Invitational on Saturday.

In the Division I-II boys race Versailles placed eighth. Springboro won the 25-team Division I-II boys race.

Joe Spitzer led the Versailles boys as he finished third overall in a time of 16:45.4. Also for the Tigers, Noah Pleiman finished 12th in 17:09.8, Brooks Blakeley finished 83rd in 19:04.5, Adam Gehret finished 86th in 19:05.7, Mitchell Huelskamp finished 98th in 19:14.9, Jacob Wenig finished 108th in 19:24.4, Jacob Rose finished 116th in 19:27.8, Trevor Noggle finished 152nd in 19:58.7, Nick Slonkosky finished 154th in 19:59.2, Caden Schultze finished 180th in 20:39.4, Blake Schulze finished 199th in 20:56.6, Brody Hyre finished 219th in 21:14.9, Luke Shellhaas finished 255th in 21:58.6, Stuart Baltes finished 285th in 22:33.8, Brian Heitkamp finished 286th in 22:33.9, Ben Hole finished 287th in 22:37.0, Kyle Wuebker finished 293rd in 22:48.8, Dylan Johnson finished 295th in 22:49.8, Isaac Gehret finished 308th in 23:10.8, Ben Rose finished 320th in 23:27.6, Reid Whittington finished 331st in 23:42.7, Jarrod Wagner finished 336th in 23:53.6, Aydan Moran finished 359th in 25:10.3, Nathanial Nelson finished 364th in 25:45.6, James McClure finished 378th in 26:49.1, Andrew Harshbarger finished 381st in 27:48.0, and Seth Rinderle finished 386th in 28:56.2.

Edgewood’s Andrew Testas won the Division I-II boys race, which included 389 runners, in a time of 16:26.9.

In the Division I-II girls race Versailles finished eighth. Alter won the 20-team Division I-II girls race.

Kara Spitzer led the Versailles girls as she finished 10th overall in a time of 20:02.7. Also for the Lady Tigers, Brynna Blakeley finished 37th in 21:29.3, Hannah Rose finished 47th in 21:43.0, Madison Grilliot finished 52nd in 21:49.2, Tori Schulze finished 63rd in 22:09.1, Kenia McEldowney finished 66th in 22:13.3, Liz Watren finished 67th in 22:14.4, Kara Langenkamp finished 79th in 22:42.3, Ashlyn Cordonnier finished 98th in 23:13.5, Dana Rose finished 137th in 24:38.2, Abbey Marshal finished 143rd in 24:51.6, Heather Albers finished 144th in 24:52.4, Kari Magen finished 146th in 24:54.7, Skyler Clune finished 172nd in 25:30.6, Mallory Keiser finished 175th in 25:35.9, Colleen Gehret finished 196th in 26:17.3, Lydia Wood finished 227th in 27:23.7, Chelsea McGlinch finished 228th in 27:24.9, Amber Barga finished 232nd in 27:33.3, Hallie Mills finished 236th in 27:47.5, Janelle Hoelscher finished 266th in 29:01.3, Kayla Bruns finished 272nd in 29:22.1, Kylie Lyons finished 303rd in 32:40.6, Kristen Gower finished 311th in 36:55.4, Nicole Gower finished 312th in 38:50.3, and Elizabeth Didier finished 315th in 41:06.8.

Oakwood’s Mary Kate Vaughn won the Division I-II girls race, which included 315 runners, in 18:15.1.

In the Division III boys race Arcanum placed 10th, Franklin Monroe placed 14th, and Bradford placed 19th. Ansonia, Mississinawa Valley and Tri-Village didn’t have enough runners to record team scores. Botkins won the 22-team Division III boys race.

Isaac Stephens paced the Arcanum boys as he finished fifth overall in 17:23.2. Also for the Trojans, Tanner Delk finished 61st in 19:06.7, Michael Scott finished 75th in 19:31.8, Wills Troutwine finished 84th in 19:49.8, Jared Eberhard finished 99th in 20:15.7, Isaiah Hootman finished 110th in 20:34.7, Mitchel Wogomon finished 161st in 22:38.9, Victor Alderman finished 172nd in 23:07.8, Joe Heiser finished 181st in 23:57.4, Paul Rammel finished 193rd in 25:18.0, Ethan Moores finished 195th in 25:18.4, Jimmy Barry finished 209th in 27:05.4, and Auris Alderman finished 214th in 28:01.2.

Cole Van Hook led the Franklin Monroe boys as he finished 38th in 18:39.3. Also for the Jets, Zach Gilliland finished 86th in 19:57.6, Nate McMillan finished 95th in 20:06.9, Chance Gilliland finished 121st in 21:00.5, John Myers finished 122nd in 21:00.5, Ross Thayer finished 132nd in 21:47.6, Xavier Gilliland finished 178TH in 23:37.7, Alex Knepshield finished 179th in 23:43.5, Jonathan Chen finished 198th in 25:27.4, and Dylan Hackney finished 200th in 25:56.4.

Johnny Fike led the Bradford boys as he finished 36th in 18:37.5. Also for the Railroaders, Jackson Moore finished 133rd in 21:47.7, Kurt Hoover finished 134th in 21:53.7, Shane Bryan finished 135th in 21:53.9, Clay Layman finished 166th in 22:44.4, and Joe Roth finished 173rd in 23:08.3.

Colyn Nelson led the Mississinawa Valley boys as he finished 147th in 22:13.5. Also for the Blackhawks, Ethan Bowman finished 150th in 22:16.0, and Kaine Daniels finished 212th in 27:56.0.

Logan Warner led the Ansonia boys as he finished 151st in 22:16.2. Also for the Tigers, Austin Alexander finished 177th in 23:19.6, and Danial Shaner finished 197th in 25:24.0.

Kamron Berghoff led the Tri-Village boys as he finished 205th in 26:26.5. Also for the Patriots, Cameron Armstrong finished 218th in 30:10.2.

Bethel’s Korry Hamlin won the Division III boys race, which included 220 runners, in 16:35.2.

In the Division III girls race Bradford placed 12th, Franklin Monroe placed 14th, Arcanum placed 15th, Ansonia placed 17th, and Mississinawa Valley placed 18th. Tri-Village didn’t have enough runners to record a team score. Minster won the 18-team Division III girls race.

Karmen Knepp led the Bradford girls as she finished 13th overall in a time of 20:37.0, which set a school record. Also for the Lady Railroaders, Chelsea Gill finished 64th in 23:24.9, Maia Stump finished 85th in 24:39.2, Adria Roberts finished 151st in 27:47.8, and Cheyenne Parke finished 170th in 29:45.0.

Nicole Brocious led the Franklin Monroe girls as she finished 47th in 22:35.1. Also for the Lady Jets, Danielle McVey finished 69th in 23:34.7, Cayley Baker finished 92nd in 24:47.9, Haley Robinson finished 115th in 25:43.5, Taylor Hackney finished 163rd in 29:01.1, and Scout Meyer finished 168th in 29:21.5.

Marcy Bradshaw led the Arcanum girls as she finished 20th in 21:12.6. Also for the Lady Trojans, Mara Wetzel finished 80th in 24:16.5, Claire Meyer finished 117th in 25:48.4, Allissa Moore finished 140th in 27:14.8, Maggie Heiser finished 175th in 30:41.4, and Allie Moore finished 189th in 36:48.6.

Katie Werts led the Ansonia girls as she finished 79th in 24:11.0. Also for the Lady Tigers, Abby Helmke finished 107th in 25:22.6, Amber Bergman finished 125th in 26:04.3, Trinity Henderson finished 145th in 27:24.8, Shelby Hartzell finished 167th in 29:19.9, and Megan Bergman finished 176th in 30:56.3.

Megan Wilson led the Mississinawa Valley girls as she finished 137th in 26:48.4. Also for the Lady Hawks, Casey Canco finished 147th in 27:30.4, Isabelle Barga finished 155th in 28:00.1, Whitney King finished 160th in 28:29.5, Elizabeth Allen finished 179th in 31:57.0, Lindsey Wright finished 185th in 34:05.0, Abby Abel finished 188th in 36:40.7, Adison Spitler finished 190th in 39:16.5, and Piper Philips finished 191st in 39:17.8.

Samantha Holzapfel led the Tri-Village girls as she finished 88th in 24:41.9. Also for the Lady Patriots, Shelby Holzapfel finished 118th in 25:50.5, Becky O’Connor finished 157th in 28:04.6, and Mackenzie Stucky finished 174th in 30:20.0.

Botkins’ Chloe Flora won the Division III girls race, which included 192 runners, in 19:04.8.

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Versailles’ Joe Spitzer had the best finish of all Darke County runners at Milton-Union’s season-opening Bob Schul Invitational on Saturday as he finished third in the Division I-II boys race with a time of 16:45.4.’ Joe Spitzer had the best finish of all Darke County runners at Milton-Union’s season-opening Bob Schul Invitational on Saturday as he finished third in the Division I-II boys race with a time of 16:45.4. Kyle Shaner|The Daily Advocate

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