All school supplies necessary?



I have enclosed the school list from the Greenville Board of Education for the needs of a typical third grader. As you can see for yourself, it is quite extensive, and expensive. It has been requested for the first week of school, along with the student’s book fee. Each grade list is different; the second grade list actually asks for three boxes of crayons!

The second grade list states some supplies will be used for “community use.” In the past, that has meant pencils and crayons. I wonder if that is why so many wet-wipes are required? I would prefer my child use his or her own items, instead of the “community germ box.” If my child breaks one of his or her items, he or she would have to deal with the consequences. How else will he or she learn responsibility?

Can you imagine 50 containers of wet-wipes and 75 boxes of tissues? Wouldn’t it be more feasible to bring one box now, and then one in January? Of course, there is always the situation that someone may not be able to supply his or hers as needed; and I do believe in helping others as needed.

What happens with paper products not used during the school year? Post-it-notes? If they are for the teachers to use, shouldn’t they be supplied by the Board of Education? Or included in the book fees, as are the xerox work sheets?

I do believe this school list will be a deterrent to many parents. There are other costly things in a school year: lunches, shoes, for example. Does the public realize there are children in Greenville that go hungry each weekend?

Iris Prasuhn


By Iris Prasuhn

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