World 100 #Lot5Landrush begins Friday night


ROSSBURG – On Friday the great World 100 #Lot5Landrush will begin and kick off one of the most exciting race weeks of the year at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg.

Cars, trucks and campers began lining up on Friday and this Friday at 6 p.m. they will head to Camping Lot 5 to mark off their camping spots for the World 100. It’s a long standing tradition that many fans enjoy as part of race week as camping Lot 5 is the free un-reserved camping lot.

Ticket information can be found at or by calling 937-338-3815.

Randy Ray Grimes from Connersville, Indiana, got his spot on Saturday – and is eighth in line. He has been camping out all week, cooking meals and just enjoying the sights and sounds of Eldora Speedway.

“I’ve just been sitting out, doing a little bit of cooking and talking to people,” Grimes said. “I like it here. I’ve been watching everyone working. I love Eldora. There’s no place like it. I’ve been to a lot of racetracks, and this is my favorite one to come to. The atmosphere, the racetrack, the best drivers in the world come here. You see good action all the time.”

Grimes comes to the World 100, the Baltes Classic (scheduled for Sunday), the Dirt Late Model Dream by Ferris Mowers in June and the season opener in April. He has been coming to the World 100 for 20 years, missing only the 2002 race. And, he met the late Earl Baltes, who built Eldora in 1954.

“I met Earl years ago,” Grimes said. “He signed my shirt. He came and sat down at my campsite and chatted with me and my friends. He told some stories, and he was a great guy.”

But Grimes is also impressed with what Tony Stewart has done to improve Earl’s vision of Eldora.

“I like what he’s done,” Grimes said. “He made it more spacious. The restrooms have improved. He put a new fence around the track, which is good for the fans. The new building in the infield looks really good, and I really like the scoreboard and the video board as well.”

And who does Grimes think will win the 45th World 100?

“I don’t know,” Grimes said. “(Jonathan) Davenport was on roll there for a while. He won about eight or nine races in a row but has kind of slacked off the last two or three. I wouldn’t count him out. You’ve always got Scott Bloomquist in there. He can always win. (Don) O’Neal usually runs well here, and Dale McDowell as well. It will be a good show; I know that.”

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