Versailles wins Treaty City title


GREENVILLE – Joe Spitzer won an individual championship and led the Versailles boys to the Division II team championship in Greenville’s Treaty City Invitational cross country meet on Saturday morning in Greenville.

Greenville hosted the Treaty City Invitational, which included Division I, II and III teams from throughout western Ohio including Ansonia, Bradford, Franklin Monroe, Greenville, Mississinawa Valley and Versailles.

The Versailles boys cross country team won the Division II championship at the Treaty City Invitational, besting Tippecanoe, Madeira and Coldwater.

Joe Spitzer led Versailles by finishing first overall in the race, which included 67 runners, with a time of 17:43. Also for the Tigers, Noah Pleiman finished second in 17:51, Jacob Rose finished fifth in 18:45, Brooks Blakeley finished 13th in 19:27, Adam Gehret finished 17th in 19:58, Jacob Wenig finished 19th in 20:18, Trevor Noggle finished 20th in 20:29, Caden Schultze finished 27th in 21:06, Mitchell Huelskamp finished 29th in 21:17, Brody Hyre finished 30th in 21:22, Blake Schulze finished 32nd in 21:45, Stuart Baltes finished 34th in 22:17, Kyle Wuebker finished 37th in 22:31, Ben Rose finished 40th in 22:44, Ben Hole finished 41st in 22:44, Isaac Gehret finished 42nd in 22:58, Brian Heitkamp finished 46th in 23:02, Dylan Johnson finished 48th in 23:09, Luke Shellhaas finished 54th in 24:05, Jarrod Wagner finished 56th in 24:44, Reid Whittington finished 59th in 25:27, James McClure finished 61st in 27:00, Nathanial Nelson finished 62nd in 27:46, Aydan Moran finished 63rd in 27:56, Andrew Harshbarger finished 64th in 29:15, Seth Rinderle finished 66th in 29:57, and Cody Setser finished 67th in 30:03.

The Versailles girls finished as the runner up in the Division II girls race behind Tippecanoe and ahead of Triad and Coldwater.

Kara Spitzer led the Versailles girls as she finished third overall in the race in 20:57. Also for the Lady Tigers, Brynna Blakeley finished sixth in 21:59, Madison Grilliot finished seventh in 22:08, Kenia McEldowney finished ninth in 22:29, Hannah Rose finished 11th in 22:47, Liz Watren finished 14th in 22:59, Tori Schulze finished 15th in 23:02, Kara Langenkamp finished 19th in 23:32, Ashlyn Cordonnier finished 24th in 24:00, Heather Albers finished 29th in 24:46, Kari Magen finished 30th in 24:55, Dana Rose finished 31st in 24:56, Skyler Clune finished 34th in 25:07, Abbey Marshal finished 36th in 25:26, Colleen Gehret finished 39th in 26:00, Mallory Keiser finished 46th in 27:52, Lydia Wood finished 49th in 28:50, Hallie Mills finished 50th in 28:51, Janelle Hoelscher finished 57th in 29:43, Amber Barga finished 58th in 30:24, Kayla Bruns finished 59th in 30:32, Kylie Lyons finished 60th in 34:12, Sarah Cordonnier finished 61st in 36:10, Kristen Gower finished 62nd in 37:40, Nicole Gower finished 63rd in 38:52, and Elizabeth Didier finished 64th in 39:28.

Tippecanoe’s Kaili Titley won the Division II girls race, which included 64 runners, in 20:08.

The Greenville girls finished sixth out of seven teams in the Division I girls race, which Northmont won. The Lady Wave beat Vandalia-Butler.

Lexi Roth led Greenville as she finished 17th in 22:00. Also for the Lady Wave, Brooke Perreira finished 19th in 22:02, Ally Hayes finished 26th in 22:18, Stacey Strobel finished 42nd in 23:11, Grace Coakley finished 46th in 23:37, Hannah Coakley finished 50th in 24:17, Addy Frens finished 51st in 24:21, Brianna Hartle finished 52nd in 24:26, and Hayley Maher finished 55th in 25:10.

Troy’s Morgan Gigandet won the Division I girls race, which included 63 runners, with a time of 18:37.

The Greenville boys finished seventh out of nine teams in the Division I boys race, which LaSalle won. The Green Wave beat Springfield and Sidney.

Jacob Hounshell led the Greenville boys as he finished 30th with a time of 19:11. Also for the Green Wave, Carson Bruner finished 38th in 19:36, Jacob Subler finished 42nd in 19:51, Seth Unger finished 50th in 20:14, Quintin Muhlenkamp finished 53rd in 20:35, Daniel Harper finished 60th in 21:03, Tanner Herrmann finished 62nd in 21:24, James Graves finished 63rd in 21:32, Alex Onkst finished 64th in 21:53, and Andrew Kocher finished 65th in 21:53.

Troy’s Stephen Jones won the Division I boys race, which included 71 runners, in a time of 16:30.

In the Division III girls race Franklin Monroe finished 10th, Bradford finished 11th, Ansonia finished 13th and Mississinawa Valley finished 14th. St. Henry won the Division III girls race, which included 14 teams.

Nicole Brocious led the Franklin Monroe girls as she finished 30th with a time of 23:00. Also for the Lady Jets, Danielle McVey finished 51st in 24:26, Cayley Baker finished 62nd in 25:00, Haley Robinson finished 86th in 26:36, Scout Meyer finished 112th in 30:26, and Taylor Hackney finished 113th in 30:59.

Karmen Knepp led the Bradford girls as she finished sixth overall in 21:11. Also for the Lady Railroaders, Chelsea Gill finished 41st in 23:53, Maia Stump finished 91st in 26:56, Adria Roberts finished 111th in 30:23, and Cheyenne Parke finished 115th in 31:43.

Katie Werts led the Ansonia girls as she finished 45th in 24:03. Also for the Lady Tigers, Abby Helmke finished 69th in 25:28, Stefani Garrett finished 79th in 26:08, Skyler Marker finished 82nd in 26:26, Amber Bergman finished 85th in 26:32, Trinity Henderson finished 88th in 26:49, Megan Bergman finished 114th in 31:24, and Shelby Hartzell finished 116th in 31:46.

Megan Wilson led the Mississinawa Valley girls as she finished 95th in a time of 27:52. Also for the Lady Hawks, Elizabeth Allen finished 120th in 37:45, Abby Abel finished 121st in 38:08, Piper Phillips finished 122nd in 40:46, and Addison Spilter finished 123rd in 40:56.

Twin Valley South’s Madison Wright won the Division III girls race, which included 123 runners, with a time of 20:08.

In the Division III boys race Franklin Monroe finished 12th and Bradford finished 16th while Ansonia and Mississinawa Valley didn’t have enough runners to record team scores. Houston won the Division III boys meet, which included 16 teams.

Cole Van Hook led the Franklin Monroe boys as he finished 43rd in 19:56. Also for the Jets, Zach Gilliland finished 67th in 20:52, John Myers finished 76th in 21:13, Nate McMillan finished 94th in 21:46, Ross Thayer finished 103rd in 22:16, Xavier Gilliland finished 114th in 22:40, Alex Schmitmeyer finished 121st in 23:08, Chance Gilliland finished 122nd in 23:25, Isaac Schmitmeyer finished 130th in 24:20, Jonathan Chen finished 134th in 25:39, Dylan Hackney finished 138th in 26:09, and Alex Knepshield finished 139th in 26:42.

Johnny Fike led the Bradford boys as he finished 37th in 19:43. Also for the Railroaders, Kurt Hoover finished 109th in 22:35, Jackson Moore finished 115th in 22:41, Clay Layman finished 123rd in 23:29, Joe Roth finished 124th in 23:32, and Shane Bryan finished 127th in 23:54.

Colyn Nelson led the Mississinawa Valley boys as he finished 88th in 21:31, and Ethan Bowman finished 104th in 22:18.

Logan Warner led the Ansonia boys as he finished 111th in 22:36 while Daniel Shaner finished 135th in 25:47.

Newton’s Brady McBride won the Division III boys race, which included 149 runners, with a time of 16:33.

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Versailles’ Joe Spitzer won the Division II boys race and led the Tigers to the Division II team championship at Greenville’s Treaty City Invitational cross country meet on Saturday.’ Joe Spitzer won the Division II boys race and led the Tigers to the Division II team championship at Greenville’s Treaty City Invitational cross country meet on Saturday. Kyle Shaner|The Daily Advocate

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