Arcanum football team loses CCC game to Tri-County North


LEWISBURG – Rain just wasn’t enough to keep the team of Tri-County North from going home with the 35-14 conference win after a well-played game against Arcanum at the Tri-County North football field.

The game was long and intense but even from the beginning.

Tri-County North started off on top returning the kickoff for good yardage to start the first quarter and pushed its way down the field until the Panthers scored the first touchdown of the night, giving them the lead in the first quarter.

Arcanum received the ball but wasn’t able to make a score and was forced to give up the ball after a fourth down toward the end of the first the quarter.

Tri-County North took the opportunity to use a mixture of passing plays and running plays to score another touchdown just before the end of the first quarter.

Arcanum got the ball again and was ready to fight back as the Trojans work their way down the football field to make their first touchdown of the night on a score by Daniel O’Donnell.

That gave the Trojans team a chance to come back and win the game, but Tri-County North stuck it out and maintained the lead as the Panthers score another touchdown before the end of the second quarter.

Tri-County North dominated the field from that point on and continued making scores. By the end of the third quarter the score was 28-6.

Arcanum was able to get another score in on the third quarter, making the score 28-14 by time the fourth quarter came around.

Tri-County North pushed through the rain for points into the end of the fourth quarter, leaving the score at 35-14 and Tri-County North taking home the conference victory.

Arcanum fell to 0-3 with the loss, and Tri-County North improved to 2-1. The Trojans play host to Miami East on Friday.

By Justin Hawkins

For The Daily Advocate

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