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Last week on the way home from work, I passed a young person who was proudly flying the Confederate flag from his pick-up truck. Apparently, the social media has tired of tossing the ratings “football” concerning the status of the Confederate Flag in America, so let’s re-visit the issue.

Is flying that flag an affront to Black Americans, or is it nothing more than a somewhat perverted example of freedom of speech? We all can decide for ourselves which it is, or if it even warrants serious thought, but to make it easier for both sides of the question, I have devised a simple test that could be administered to anyone determined to display the Confederate flag in public. The test would be pass/fail and a “pass” would allow the taker to fly the Stars and Bars when ever they felt the urge. Here goes:

1. Who was Jefferson Davis?

2. Identify the time in history of the Civil War within 10 years.

3. Give at least one cause of the American Civil War other than the issue of slavery.

4. As a bonus question in case you only get two out of three: Where and what was the Mason-Dixon Line.

Good luck on the test. If you insist on flying the flag o the side that tried to dissolve the Union and lost beg-time in the effort, then knock yourself out just know a little bit about what you’re doing as you finally wake up and learn that the Confederate flag didn’t originate with the “Dukes of Hazard” TV show.


Steve Blocher


By Steve Blocher

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