Family Health food drive nets 4,273 items


GREENVILLE —This year’s food drive at Family Health has surpassed all the facility’s other foods drives for the total donated.

This year’s total was 4,273, with the items going to seven Darke County food banks and two homeless shelters. The food drive competition began Sept. 21 and ended Oct. 2.

Those items were picked up Monday by various representatives from the various food pantries at the medical facility on Meeker Road.

The food has been sent out to Ansonia Community Food Bank, Versailles Council of Churches, Grace Resurrection Community Center, Castine Area Food Bank, Faith United Methodist, FISH, Bradford Resource Center and the CAP homeless shelter and the Journey Home Veterans Homeless Shelter.

The theme for this year’s food drive at Family Health was “Sharing Cropping the Harvest To Feed Our Neighbors.”

Employees at Family Health were divided into seven competing teams. In the break room, each team’s name was represented by a tractor on a shared “farm,” which moved daily to show the team’s donation count.

Competing teams are: Pea Shellers, comprised of Suite 1, lab and after-hours with Shelly Williams as team captain; the Tomato Juicers, comprised of Suite 2, disease management, Versailles eMD and nurse coordinator, with Tricia Ingle of disease management the team captain; Spud Diggers, made up of Suite 3, Triage, radiology and New Madison, with Ashly Shellhaas of Suite 3 being team captain; the Corn Shuckers, Suite 4, WIC and medical records with Mary Rader of WIC being team captain; Pepper Pickers of Suite 5, billing and ASA coordinator, with Cindy Brown of billing as captain; the Bean Snappers of pharmacy and Arcanum, with Becky Ison of Arcanum chosen team captain; and Apple Peelers, comprised of dental, administration and float (Mary Cox), with Teri Bailey of dental as team captain.

All non-perishable/non-expired items were accepted.

It was said that each day, a farmer (team captain) gets a report from the team of farm hands on the number of items that have been harvested and sends that information to the crop foreman (Heather Medva in billing).

Prizes will be awarded to top harvesters at Family Health and the team will be announced at the October staff meeting.

The food drive started in 2008.

“The Family Health Wellness Committee would like to thank everyone for making this year’s food drive a huge success,” said a spokesperson.

By Linda Moody

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