Colby Peters donates to St. Mary’s School


GREENVILLE – Five-year-old Colby Peters, a student in Mrs. Blocher’s preschool class at St. Mary’s School, had a surprise recently.

It seems that Colby had set up his own lemonade stand at his home while his father, Jesse, was conducting a Parrelli horsemanship clinic. Colby made $46 at the lemonade stand, and without any suggestions or urging from his parents, presented the entire amount to Mrs. Blocher “For St. Mary’s School,” in his own words.

When Vern Rosenbeck, principal at St. Mary’s was informed of this act of kindness from one of his students, he promptly pulled out four more dollars and said, “There – that’ll make an even 50 dollars, Colby, and thank you so much on behalf of the entire school.”

While we all know that “charity begins in the home” it’s still inspiring to know that a five year old can have a heart the size of Colby’s.

Staff report

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