Versailles News: What if?


We have been looking to our government to correct the distress of our society; unemployment, welfare, health insurance, and the like but what if it’s not the responsibility of government? What if it’s not up to Hollywood and our television networks to provide wholesome programs? What if our children’s education is not up to the teachers? What if it’s our individual responsibility to be moral people with the guidance of the church?

In truth before there was ever the United States of America or any of the civilizations we know of today, there were the ten commandments dating back to, probably the 13th century B.C. These rules were given to our ancestors to liberate them from the consequences of bad judgement. The commandments were not a way to save us from eternal judgement, but rather a way to peacefully abide as a society. Of course that is the short answer nonetheless our nation’s founders believed and utilized the Ten Commandments in structuring our constitution. Along the way we have challenged the laws, some rightfully so and others not so much.

What if we are responsible for our self? What if no one owes us a living and that we are responsible for our own bills, including food, clothing, shelter and medical bills? The bible tells us if we are not willing to work we should not eat. What if we are responsible for the care and education of our children? Not that we need to home school, but we should teach them right from wrong, help them to have a life better than ours, feed, clothe and house them too.

What if we are to give more than we receive? What if a neighbor or friend needs assistance or has fallen upon hard times should we help them with our time, talent and/or treasure? Would we not be grateful for their kindness if we were in their shoes? Would we not give back more than we received when our situation improved? If so, then why would some of us be willing to take from the taxpayers without giving back? If we did not replenish the well what would be the future for our children and grandchildren?

Do we not have the duty to serve in a jury when called upon? Do we not have a duty to defend our country, support and defend the constitution, participate in the democratic process, respect and obey our local, state and federal laws? Have we not the right (and/or responsibility) to legally defend ourselves in a court of law, conduct a peaceful demonstration for reform or civil liberty, or communicate through our State representative and congressman? What if we took our voting privilege serious enough to become an informed voter to the extent of running for political office when change was needed?

What if every child had a father and mother who were both married and living together? What if every family worked together for the good of their family? What if everyone belonged to a church and every church helped their parishioners with whatever they lacked? What if every neighborhood looked out after one another? What if every community shared their resources, took less than they received and refused the artificial growth that grant money offers?

What if?


Higgins and Madewell perform at Creekside tonight, Bosses Day is today and Sweetest Day is Saturday. Also Saturday is the Versailles FHA Color Run/Walk 5K and Health Fair. The race begins at 9 a.m. at the high school track and the health fair is held in the old gym from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, 10/20 when Encore performs their fall variety show, 7:30 p.m. at the Versailles Performing Arts Center. Saturday, 10/31 The Versailles Vets Club is sponsoring an Open to the Public Halloween Party from 8 p.m.– 12 a.m. DJ Music by Bob Condon with costume judging at 10 p.m. for those who are interested.

Happy birthday to Taylor Hemmelgarn (1), Camille Watren, JoAnn Albers, Melissa Bowman, Linda Link, Jacob Treon, Jane Mumaw, Megan Subler, Jerry Gasquez, Hayden Miller, Diana Subler, Deb Ward, Jennifer Shields, Amy Hoying, Carrey Whittington, Stacy Poeppelman, Lindsay Rethman, Mike Kelch, Mert Bensman, Brandon Christian, Christina Garlinger, Lindsay Schultz, Jacob Poling, Jane Agne, Jaycee Lewis, Lela Munn, Heidi Epperly, Andrew Platfoot, Robin Brown, and Virginia Goubeaux as their birthdays approach as well as, wedding wishes to Brook and Ben Wilson, and anniversary wishes to Mandy and Daniel Miller (3), Jessica and Justin Erwin (3), Michele and Kevin Henninger (6), Jessica and Nick Groff (9), Dina and Jim Marchal (13), Jenny and Phil Pleiman (15), Darlene and David Meyer (15), Lela and Jack Munn (17), Julie and Todd Deeter (21), Lori and Doug Davidson (22), Elaine and Kurt Bohman (26), Joan and Mike Bergman (40), Thelma and Harold Schultz (67).

Healing prayers and get well wishes to Kim Custenborder, Dave Francis, Joann Ingle, Eileen Rahm, Michelle McClure, Judy Yoder, Dan Trostel, Dave Gibson, Boots Breaden, Robert Longenecker, Karen Coverstone, Rita Wuebker, Yvonne Ridenour, Wayne Pittsenbarger, Michelle Ullom, Thelma Schultz, James Youngker, Glenn Monnin, Isabella Yakos, Brian Voisard Barb and Jon Agne, Samantha Smith and all those dealing with cancer or another one of life’s challenges, as well the hospitalized or homebound in need of our prayers but not mentioned by name.

Sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Fran MacLean (62), also remembering the lives of Basil Subler, Lorys Bohman, Gary Long, Nancy Jones, Lucille Alexander, Robert Grillot, Joe Bensman, Verna Cool, Betty Wooley, Julie Hiatt, Harold Phlipot, Gary Kimmel, Lowell Marshall, John Gasson, Lucille McClurg, Betty Grilliot, Bill Hawkey, Slim Wehrkamp, Red Mescher, Ken Wulber, Waldo Barga and all those not mentioned by name as the anniversary of their recently passing.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world” ~Mahatma Gandhi

“Don’t complain about it if you’re not going to make it better” ~Blanche Lincoln

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples” ~Mother Teresa

“There’s no such thing as not being involved in politics. Not doing anything is a political act.” ~Bill O’Keefe

By Kathy Magoto

Kathy Magoto is a volunteer citizen columnist, who serves The Daily Advocate readers weekly with her weekly Versailles community column. She can be reached at [email protected] or at 526-3798. Feel free to contact her with Versailles news and tidbits. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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