New tools to prepare voters for Election Day

COLUMBUS– Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced additional online tools to help voters prepare for Election Day. The Voter Toolkit feature is designed to consolidate all the necessary election information in a one-stop location.

Ohio voters can now go to in order to check their voter registration status, find their polling location, view their sample ballot and track their absentee ballot.

“If modern technology allows us to shop online, order food online and track shipments online, there is no reason we can’t make that same technology available to voters so they can be prepared for Election Day and participate in our democracy without worry,” Secretary Husted said.

While some voters have had access to similar services on a county-by-county basis, most Ohio voters were unable to complete these tasks online. In February 2015, Secretary Husted instructed all 88 county boards of elections to take the necessary steps so the information could be available to all Ohio voters equally, regardless their county of residence (SOS Directive 2015-02).

Voters can now go to in order to verify necessary information prior to the election by simply choosing the information they are looking for and selecting their county. They will then be directed to the information available from their county board of elections.

“We are working with the boards of elections to provide the best possible services to Ohio voters, further making it easy to vote and hard to cheat,” added Secretary Husted.

The announcement comes on the heels of Secretary Husted’s release of new features on the Secretary of State’s webpage that seek to educate voters about key statewide ballot issues.

By using the “About My Election” link, voters can easily view ballot language, read the full text of issues before them and watch informative videos to help them understand their options in the voting booth. The pages and videos are easily shareable on social media so viewers can quickly post information about the election for their online connections to view.

Staff report