More than 328,000 Ohio voters have requested absentee ballots


COLUMBUS – Emphasizing the importance of an engaged and educated electorate, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted reminds voters that the November 2015 General Election is less than one week away. Voters may request an absentee ballot until noon on Saturday, Oct. 31. Early, in-person voting is also available through Monday, November 2nd. See the uniform, statewide early voting hours here.

As of Oct. 23 more than 328,000 voters had already requested an absentee ballot with more than 148,000 of those having been cast.

2015 General Election by the Numbers (As of Oct. 23)

· 328,385 – Number of absentee ballot applications received as of Friday.

· 148,550 – Number of absentee ballots cast.

o 54,634 – Absentee ballots cast in person.

o 93,916 – Absentee ballots cast by mail.

· 179,835 – Number of outstanding absentee ballots.

In total, 332,543 voters cast absentee ballots in 2013 and 680,656 did so in 2011. There were no statewide questions on the ballot in 2013.

Know What is On the Ballot:

Secretary Husted recently announced the launch of an online resource for the three statewide issues appearing on the November ballot. Accessible via and here, voters can view an educational video, ballot language, explanations and arguments for and against each issue. This webpage also provides easy access to websites for proponents and opponents of each issue, if available.

In addition to the three statewide issues on the ballot this November, voters will also decide 1,736 local issues, including levies for police and fire services as well as school funding and other issues. A comprehensive list of local questions can be downloaded here.

Voters can also view the new, online Voter Toolkit resources on the Secretary of State’s website in order to prepare for casting a ballot. By visiting, they can view their sample ballot, find their polling location and view other helpful resources.

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