Darke County election results in


DARKE COUNTY — The election results are in for Darke County, and here’s how the local races stacked up (vote totals are shown in parentheses; winners are indicated with an asterisk):


-Mayor: Michael C. Bowers* (3018);

-Auditor: Roxanne Willman* (2767);

-Law director: Eric Brand* (2469);

-Council, 1st ward: Clarence Godwin*, write-in (unknown);

-2nd ward: Doris Howdieshell* (564);

-3rd ward: Leon Rogers* (668);

-4th ward: Stephen M. Willman*, write-in (unknown).


-Ansonia – mayor: Rick Lee* (220); member of council: Danny Brown* (179), Jeff Gariety* (164);

-Arcanum – mayor: Judith F. Foureman* (57); member of council: Eric VanHoose* (54), one seat open;

-Bradford – mayor: Donald Stump* (145); clerk/treasurer: Brenda Selanders* (168); member of council: Galen A. Balmert* (110);

-Burkettsville – mayor: Joseph T. Stammen* (23); member of council: no candidates:

-Castine – mayor: William C. Collins Jr.* (29); member of council: no candidates, two seats open;

-Gettysburg – mayor: Jason D. Lance* (107); member of council: no candidates, two seats open; board of public affairs: no candidates, two seats open;

-Gordon – mayor: John A. Gross* (3); member of council: Angela D. Gauvey* (6), one seat open;

-Hollansburg – mayor: no candidates; clerk: no candidates; member of council: two seats, no candidates;

-Ithaca – mayor: David H. Peterson* (8); member of council: Robert Brown* (6), Richard L. Hoover* (8);

-New Madison – mayor: Lisa L. Garland* (205); member of council: Karl King* (199), one seat open; board of public affairs: Christine R. Cela* (146), Jason Cockerham* (164);

-New Weston – mayor: Brad Birt* (19); member of council: no candidates, two seats;

-North Star – mayor: no candidates; member of council: no candidates, two seats;

-Osgood – mayor: no candidates; member of council: no candidates, two seats;

-Palestine – mayor: David A. Brewer* (50); member of council: no candidates, two seats;

-Pitsburg – mayor: Michael Wolf* (9); member of council: Chip Heindl* (9), Phyllis A. Riegle* (8);

-Rossburg – mayor: Danny Howe* (35); member of council: no candidates, two seats;

-Union City – mayor: Zachary Pruitt* (210); member of council: Brad Horsley* (205), one seat open;

-Versailles – mayor: Jeffry A. Subler* (61); member of council: Todd Dammeyer* (58); one seat open;

-Wayne Lakes – mayor: Gary Lee Young* (219); clerk-treasurer: no candidates; member of council: Rita Sue Robinett* (220), one seat open;

-Yorkshire – mayor: Kenneth A. Subler* (21); member of council: two seats, no candidates.


-Adams – trustee: Dave W. Brewer* (782); fiscal officer: Charity Hutt* (627);

-Allen – trustee: Chris A. Mestemaker* (271); trustee, unexpired term: Neal J. Siefring* (234); fiscal officer: Patricia J. Kaiser* (256);

-Brown – trustee: Ed Huff Jr.* (459); fiscal officer: Beverly Grillot (194), Mary K. Riffle* (331)

-Butler – trustee: Thomas Hans* (360); fiscal officer: Melissa Sullenbarger* (378);

-Franklin – trustee: Adam Besecker (69), Kim A. Myers* (251); fiscal officer: Caleena Hesler* (270);

-Greenville – trustee: Jeremy Edger (1594), Matthew Kolb* (1603), Geoff Surber (1529); fiscal officer: Susan T. Miles* (3785);

-Harrison – trustee: Michael Fisherback* (542); trustee, unexpired term: Russ Bennett (300), Robert A. Godown* (345); fiscal officer: Cathy Mikesell* (567);

-Jackson – trustee: James D. Hanes* (234); fiscal officer: Sandy Denniston* (258);

-Liberty – trustee: Scott Brewer* (169), Raymond C. Mendenhall (111); fiscal officer: Deborah S. Kuhnle* (231);

-Mississinawa – trustee: Eric J. Barga* (21); fiscal officer: Sherry L. Dirksen* (16);

-Monroe – trustee: Kevin McKibben* (49); fiscal officer: Dawn E. Oswalt* (52);

-Neave – trustee: Keith D. Godown* (582); fiscal officer: Diane L. Delaplane* (578);

-Patterson – trustee: Samuel F. Pohlman* (436); fiscal officer: Kathleen M. Grieshop* (436);

-Richland – trustee: Bruce Knick* (150), Ted Mangen (126); fiscal officer: Dorothy Pope-Goodpaster* (227 );

-Twin – trustee: Jerry E. Snyder* (110 ); fiscal officer: Deborah L. Dynes* (102);

-Van Buren – trustee: David Delk* (386); fiscal officer: Kent Thompson* (401);

-Wabash – trustee: Larry Bubeck* (349 ); fiscal officer: Ann M. Stammen* (318);

-Washington – trustee: Mark A. Cox* (290); fiscal officer: Tony Feurer* (263);

-Wayne – trustee: Michael J. Lawrence* (97); fiscal officer: Teresa M. Slonkosky* (98);

-York – trustee: James E. Zumbrink* (130); trustee, unexpired: Roger Heckman* (120); fiscal officer: Alan J. Stammen* (124).

School boards

-Educational Service Center – Clyde Bateman* (2188), Kent A. James* (2370); unexpired: Larry L. Besecker* (2349), Caroline Schmidt* (2164);

-Ansonia – (three), Ron Barga II* (620), Eugene F. Mayo (434), Don Moyers (284), Joey Schmitmeyer* (480), Theresa Siefring* (648); unexpired: Clarence A. Kammer* (708);

-Arcanum – Beverly Delk* (472), Tracy Fout* (467), Mark S. Trask* (457);

-Franklin-Monroe – (three) Amanda L. Morris* (342), Alexander Staton* (328), Dean T. Thompson (283), Teresa Wolf* (335); unexpired: Claudette Cool Diceanu* (293), Rick L. Filbrun (229);

-Greenville – Fred Matix* (4001), Jim Sommer* (4117);

-Mississinawa Valley – three seats, no candidates;

-Tri-Village – Tim M. Bevins* (877), Kevin R. Harrison* (834);

-Versailles – Hope Batty* (621), one open seat; unexpired: Ron Gehret* (583), Steven E. Ruhenkamp* (695).




By Rachel Lloyd

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