New Madison News: Busy holiday season approaches


The holidays are fast approaching and people are talking about schedules and family plans. But there are some local events that can keep the holiday fever from kicking in too soon!

Basketball is moving back into the picture. First, the girls will play their Bill Burkett tourney games. They start on the 20th with a game at 4:30 for the Junior Varsity followed by the 7:30 varsity game. The next day will see winners and losers paired at noon and again at 6 p.m. The ladies then swing into a full schedule of games with Mississinawa Valley at 5:30 on Nov. 24. This is a home game. The team then travels to Covington on Dec. 1 and to Newton on Dec. 3. All games are at 5:30. The boys will play a home game on Nov, 28 with Southeastern. The will be home again on Dec. 4 as Newton is scheduled. Then they will be traveling to Northridge. Games begin at 6 p.m.

Yearbooks are available to keep this year’s memories. The early cost is $50 and Mr. Lowrie is in charge.

A discussion of a Senior Citizen Center in Darke County will be held at the New Madison Public Library Tuesday evening. You are invited to attend and gain information as well as add input to the plans being formulated to establish this type of facility. The program begins at 6:30 with Lindsey Gahret and the senior outreach committee presenting the details. The presentation is titled “If you build it ….Creating A Senior Center in Darke County.”

Brenda Miller, library director, wants to thank all voters for the positive support in the election. On behalf of the board of trustees and the staff, there is the continued promise of service.

By Shirley Dubbs

Shirley Dubbs is a volunteer citizen columnist, who serves The Daily Advocate readers weekly with her New Madison column. She can be reached at [email protected]. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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