State Rep. Buchy applauds passage of bill to defund planned parenthood


COLUMBUS—State Representative Jim Buchy (R-Greenville) voted Tuesday in favor of House Bill 294, which defunds Planned Parenthood. Representative Buchy also co-sponsored the legislation which goes further than any previous legislation to remove funding from the country’s largest abortion provider.

“I am for any bill that reduces or stops the killing of innocent babies,” Buchy said. “We must continue to reduce funding sources for Planned Parenthood because government has no business participating in funding organizations that profit from the practice of abortion.”

The bill prohibits the use of public health funds to perform, promote, or contract with any entity that performs or promotes nontherapeutic abortions. If passed, funds may be redirected to organizations that provide services without promoting or performing nontherapeutic abortions.

HB 294 now moves to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.

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