Rep. Buchy applauds passage of resolution


COLUMBUS, Ohio — State Representative Jim Buchy (R-Greenville) applauds State Representative Tim Derickson (R-Oxford) for his leadership in sponsoring House Concurrent Resolution 31. Derickson carried the concurrent resolution and led the efforts for swift passage at a time when America needs common sense leadership the most.

The concurrent resolution, which passed the Ohio House on Thursday, Nov. 19, urges President Obama to halt the settlement of Syrian refugees in the U.S. and Ohio. The legislation was in response to President Obama declaring the U.S. will continue to allow Syrian refugees in the wake of the recent Paris terrorist attacks.

“Americans are concerned about the efforts of terrorist to infiltrate innocent refugee groups,” Buchy said. “Without 100 percent certainty in our screening process it is unsafe for the U.S. to accept refugees from Syria, which we have reason to believe may be a Trojan horse for terrorists to enter our homeland.”

“In today’s politically correct world, we often struggle to find leaders willing to stand up and lead the legislature to do the right thing,” Buchy said. “The recent example of Tim Derickson’s efforts to unite the Ohio legislature behind this needed resolution justly deserves recognition.”

Earlier this week, Derickson released the following statement following the passage of House Concurrent Resolution 31:

“I was pleased to see my colleagues in the House stand beside me to pass a measure that I think is very important for our national security interests. The tragic events in Paris over the weekend served as yet another grim reminder of the potential for dangers and vicious acts to be carried out on innocent people. For the safety of our families, neighbors and friends, I believe it is imperative that public leaders come together and take the necessary steps to prevent acts of terror from occurring here at home. Several states are taking similar stands, and Ohio can be among the leaders when it comes to promoting peace and safety for all Americans. That is what today’s passage of HCR 31 was all about.”

House Concurrent Resolution 31 was passed with a vote of 65-29.

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