Concerned about proposed hog barns


My husband and I have lived in the city of Greenville for 56 years. We live in the north end of town and we are proud of our family, home and community. However, we are very concerned about the proposed hog farms on Arnold Road. I understand the four proposed barns will each house 2,000 hogs and will be built in proximity to Arnold and Beanblossom Roads. Our concerns are, how will this affect our property value and the prospect of the odor coming into town? What happens to all the waste from these hogs?

Our son lives on Bechtol Road and there are two hog barns very close to the pond on his property. We have spent many enjoyable times swimming, fishing, picnicking, and watching the sunsets. Now we have to be concerned about the odor if we plan any activity, and photos of the beautiful sunsets now include two hog barns. If the waste is spread on the field, which is very close to his pond, will there be runoff into the pond or his well?

We realize Darke County is a very important agricultural community and we respect that. However, why do these hog barns have to be so close to residential properties?

John and Marabelle Garland

By John and Marabelle Garland

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