Students share what they are thankful for


DARKE COUNTY — Thanksgiving is a special day that may be interpreted in many different ways, especially from children.

So, this year, it was decided to approach some local students and ask them what they are especially thankful for this Thanksgiving. Here are their responses:

“Probably my family and beautiful house and all the blessings. My dogs, Zoe and Wiley, basketball and food,” remarked Heath Coomer, a seventh-grade student at the DeColores Montessori Junior High Farm School, Greenville.

“For family. They are always there, and to Jesus for looking out for my dad in hard times,” commented Brandan Heck, an eighth-grader at Ansonia.

“For my family, friends and the life I have,” said ninth-grader Clair Monnin at the Montessori Junior High Farm School

“For Halloween; for Willis, my neighbor; for my dog, Duke; for preschool; for Hayden and Remi; for my mom and dad; and for my grandparents,” remarked Lexi Brunner, a pre-school student at Ansonia.

“Definitely for all my family coming to the area this year. Some live in Arizona. I am thankful for a lot,” said Jordan Dill, a ninth-grade student at DeColores Montessori Junior High Farm School.

“For turkey, my Kindle, friends and our goldfish,” said Heck, an Ansonia second-grader.

“I am thankful for my cousin Alice and all of my family,” remarked Isabella Bowman, a seventh-grader at St. Henry.

“The great weather we’ve been having and all the cool stuff happening at school,” replied Kale Conway, a seventh-grader the Montessori Junior High Farm School. “We have cool concerts. I am grateful I get to use my gift of musical talent to help others.”

“Family and friends,” stated Jerrod Teegarden, a seventh-grade student at Mississinawa Valley.

“My mom, Jodi Fosnight; my friends; action heroes and my toys,” remarked Landon Pierce, a kindergarten student at Bradford Schools.

“Family members and friends,” said Eric Keener, a Bradford fourth-grader.

“My grandparents,” said Skyler Graham, a fourth-grader at Bradford. “They do everything that I need.”

“I’m thankful for the pilgrims that landed here because if they didn’t we wouldn’t be here,” replied Beck Wilson, a Bradford third-grade student.”

Maiya Dilbone, seventh-grader at DeColores Montessori Junior High Farm School, remarked, “I am thankful for my family and for all the fortunes we have and the things we have to help people out financially through the holiday season, and for all the friends and food we’ve been blessed with.”

“My family and everything they do for me,” responded Parker Kaffenberger, seventh grade, Mississinawa Valley.

“For my family, my life and this earth” stated Noah Helman, a fifth-grader at Bradford.

“My animals….dogs and cats….I feed them,” remarked Scout Spencer, a fifth-grade student at Bradford.

“For my class, for eating dinner and for Jesus,” was Stephen Stewart’s response. He is a fourth-grader at Bradford Schools.

“I am especially thankful for being in this great school,” said Anthony “Tony” Masso-Rivetti, an eighth-grader at DeColores Montessori Junior High Farm School. “It really shapes who I am. I am thankful for all of my family, because there have been some rough spots.”

Grace Krauss, an eighth-grader at the Montessori Junior High Farm School, had this to say: “I’m thankful that I get to go to this school, because my father has to work from home and we have enough money for my three other siblings.”

“My family and life,” stated Ashton Kopilec, a sixth-grade student at Mississinawa Valley. “And, for my grandma, who had cancer and it’s almost gone.”

“My family, our health and a good education,” was the response of Annie Hayes, an eighth-grade student at DeColores Montessori Junior High Farm School.

By Linda Moody

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