EUM Church generously tips delivery people


GREENVILLE — Four pizza delivery people made a total of $2,797.28 in tips this past weekend when the EUM Church reached out and showed their generosity to others.

Church attendees from all five services — one on Saturday night and the rest on Sunday — gave tips for the pizzas that were delivered, which was usually one at each service.

Michael from Papa John’s received a $400 tip on Saturday night; Tim of Domino’s received a $404.28 tip at the Traditional service at 9:45; William of Marco’s received a $812 tip at the 10:30 a.m. service; and Drew received a $1,159 tip that was collected from both the 9 and 11:59 a.m. services.

“It was an awesome experience to show God’s love in a practical and tangible way to four pizza delivery guys,” said Matt Haupt, executive pastor. “We were trying to create ways to show God’s love in a tangible way. We talk about being generous and thought it would be a simple way to give the church the opportunity to live out what we’re supposed to do. We saw this on the Internet where other churches had done it before.”

According to him, some church members returned to additional services because they were excited about the project.

Haupt said there are 1,300 people attending church at EUM on the weekends.

When asked what the reaction was from the pizza delivery people, Haupt said, “They were in shock. They didn’t think it was for real. We had to convince them to take the money. A couple started crying and were visibly shaking. It was unbelievable. Each one of them said it was needed and that the money came in a timely manner. We prayed God would bring the right people here. This made a huge impact on these guys’ lives.”

Haupt said a team of people has been formed to come up with other creative ways to do something for the community over the next year.

“This was our first attempt,” he said. “It was pretty successful.”

By Linda Moody

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