Greenville women charged in Piqua robbery


PIQUA — Two women from Greenville were charged Monday, Dec. 7 after an alleged shoplifting incident turned into a robbery at Walmart. The women were reportedly trying to leave the store at 11 p.m. that day with carts full of groceries and other items, according to Piqua police reports.

“The store tried to stop one of the females,” Deputy Chief Tom Steiner with the Piqua Police Department said. “She started hitting the employee with her purse.”

The approximate value of the merchandise the women reportedly attempted to steal was $610. The women also reportedly attempted to conceal the merchandise in unused Walmart bags to make it appear as if they had paid for the items.

Catina McNutt, 42, was charged with second-degree felony robbery and first-degree misdemeanor possession of criminal tools in connection with this incident. McNutt is currently being held at the Miami County Jail on a total of $20,500 cash-only bond.

McNutt was arraigned on these charges on Tuesday. A preliminary hearing for her is scheduled for Dec. 16.

Lisa M. Ganim, 42, was charged with first-degree misdemeanor theft and first-degree misdemeanor possession of criminal tools also in connection with this incident. Ganim was released after she was charged.

Ganim is scheduled to be arraigned on Dec. 16.

By Sam Wildow

Civitas Media

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