Darke County Parks thankful for grant



The Darke County Park District would like to extend a huge thank you to the Harry Stephens Memorial Fund for their recent grant contribution.

The funds will go toward procuring a new donor recognition board shaped like a tree. All the donors throughout the Park District’s over 43 years of existence will be given proper credit for all they have done to make the Park District the success it is today.

The tree can grow in branches and leaves, as the park district grows, ensuring that each donor gets properly recognized. The board will be a beautiful addition to the Nature Education Center, and it would be impossible to construct without the generous support from the Harry Stephens Memorial Fund.

The Park District strives to provide the best possible experience to the residents of Darke County and beyond and to ensure comprehensive education for the stewards of tomorrow.

Thank you again to the Harry Stephens Memorial Fund for making this possible.

Darke County Park District

Darke County Park District

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