“The Sorority”continues to give to Boys & Girls Club



A big thank you and much appreciation goes to of “The Sorority” (recently renamed) members (Diane Amick, Sharon Buchy, Paula Cox, Marty Davis, Jean Derr, Carolyn Hemmelgarn, Carol Hemmerich, Ruth Koverman, Kayann Kretschmar, Margy Manix, Judy Middleton, Joan Mote, Becky Muhlenkamp, Judy Rhynard, Susan Schaar, and Stephanie Szymansky) for their most recent $750 donation and for hosting this years Christmas Pizza Party for the boys and girls! Several of the ladies enjoy spending time tutoring the children, one on one , which is a big help to them also.

Director Tom Jenkins said their donation will go toward arts and craft materials, some new games for Xbox 360, and some pots and pans for the kitchen that is in the planning stage. The children are usually hungry and love to eat so they are learning the responsibilities of cooking and how to make meals with nutritional ingredients that are also easy to make. They have attended several of Kitchen Aid’s cooking classes to learn the fundamental basics, which they like to bring back to the club and duplicate.

The BGC currently has 40 members, which is up almost 25 percent from just a year ago. There are usually three adults, who monitor the club on a daily basis and more when the club has special trips. The Club’s main goal is to make each child feel good about themselves and have some social activities outside of school.

The BGC always accepts donations of various items. They currently are looking for bicycles that can be fixed up and given to some of their less fortunate members. If you would like to learn more about BGC or to make a material or cash donation, please contact BGC Director Tom Jenkins at 547-1122. The BGC is located at 613 S. Broadway in Greenville and membership fee is just $2 per year, which includes a BGC t-shirt.

The Club is open Monday-Thursday from 4-8 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Rita McCans


By Rita McCans

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