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Community Action Partnership of Greater Dayton Area – Darke County has been the owner/operator of the Darke County Emergency Homeless Shelter since 1988. The shelter is located on the second floor of a two-story house within walking distance of downtown Greenville. A communal kitchen and 1-1/2 baths are available for sharing. There are three bedrooms, providing room for eight persons, including a baby bed, which brings us to our generating this letter to you.

The Emergency Homeless Shelter is currently in need of new furnishings, appliances and flooring and is reaching out to our partners in the community for assistance to achieve this project. Specifically needed items include an electric range, refrigerator, large capacity heavy duty clothes washer, appliances, new beds, dressers, baby crib and wooden rocking chair. We are looking to replace the worn carpeting with laminate and place vinyl in the kitchen and bath areas. The Darke County Emergency Homeless Shelter also accepts any monetary donations towards the purchase of these items. We have set a goal of $6,500 to help offset the estimated costs and so far, we have raised approximately 25 percent of our goal.

During 2014, 81 adults and 24 children were housed in the shelter, totaling 1,541 nights, and were provided 3,082 meals. From January to December 1 of 2015, 87 individuals, 30 of which were children, have been sheltered totaling 1,645 nights and were provided 3,290 meals.

Community Action Partnership Darke County staff assists clients in finding appropriate services necessary to move them into permanent shelter. Funding is provided by the local United Way, Homeless Crisis Response Grant and through private donations.

Should you have further questions regarding the Darke County Emergency Homeless Shelter, please do not hesitate to call Carol Littman, Office Manager, Community Action Partnership, Darke County, 937-548-8143, ext. 206.


Janey Christman, Director

Community Action Partnership

Darke County

By Janey Christman

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