Wall of History needs help


Once again, the Village of Union City, Ohio Wall of History Committee is asking for your help.

Have you seen our display at the Union City Municipal Building located at 419 East Elm Street in Union City, Ohio? We have obituaries, school pictures from Union City East Side and Jackson, Ohio schools (now Mississinawa Valley). We have names and locations of many churches from the past and present, memory letters from many citizens, businesses, minutes from early council meetings, first ordinances in the Village, early contracts with the railroads, Interurban, old advertisements, and a 1926 map of Union City, Ohio containing names of owners and occupants.

Recently, we ran a picture titled “Red ‘73” which was taken in the 1920s. An alert citizen called to tell me it was in fact the J.H. Long Factory and their employees, with Mr. Long pictured in the front row. The Red ’73 didn’t occupy that building until 1943. Thanks to a citizen we have another picture identified.

Many citizens have written us memory letters about people, places and things they remember about Union City. Could you do this for us?

Do you remember local doctors’ names from the earlier years? If so, could you make us a list of those you remember and where they were located?

We still have many pictures of people, places and businesses we cannot name. Can you help us with this?

We currently have a mural on the wall of the Municipal Building which depicts the first 50 years of our city’s heritage. We also have on display photographs of our city’s mayors and a photograph of the Kemper Furniture Factory picnic held in 1939. Mr. Kemper is in the photo. Did you or any of your family work there? If so, perhaps you could find their picture – or one of yourself as there are a lot of young children included in this photo. We have many names listed on the photograph – look it over and see if you can help us identify others currently unnamed.

We also have information on businesses from the early years, and the first of many city ordinances. Also, we have a book on the incorporation of the Village as well as many advertisements and momentos from the past. We have information on veterans and much more, but we need your help with more information on all of these and also what you remember about our local history.

We recently had a donation of five Jackson, Ohio yearbooks to be used for the viewing pleasure of our visitors. Those yearbooks are a permanent part of our collection and are not to be removed. However, all five of those books are now missing from our display area. Our committee works very hard to make sure items such as these are well-taken care of so that our visitors have a pleasant experience regarding those items we have collected over the years. If you or someone you know has borrowed them, would you please return them so that others may continue to enjoy looking through them?

Maybe you have pictures we could copy, old ads, pictures, articles or anything about the village and its people that you have, or remember.

Do you have some spare time as well as a love for history? Can you help with any kind of history, any object of history, a donation or possibly working with us on some of our projects?

Stop by the Municipal Building to see what we have on display. It might give you an idea of what we need or maybe how you can help us. If so, give Betty a call at 937-968-4756. Hours are 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

We meet bimonthly in the Municipal Council Chambers, 419 East Elm Street in Union City, Ohio. Our next meeting is Feb. 17 at 1:30 p.m.

Thank you for any help you can give us; your input is greatly appreciated.

By Betty Grimes

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