PCS clients making, selling bracelets to build lakehouse


GREENVILLE — Even when the weather may seem dismal, a group of people have come together to make things better and brighter for someone else.

Cients at Person Centered Services Inc. (PCS), formerly Wayne Industries, are making bracelets for a special project of Empowering Life Without Limits.

The project proceeds will be going to building a large cabin at a resort for clients who can’t afford to go on vacation in a peaceful, tranquil setting.

The local PCR goal is to raise $10,000 to go toward the cabin with other PCRs helping out as well. The bracelets are just one of the fundraisers that are being planned locally to make that happen.

“There are 20 clients working on them,” said Alexander. “We are getting lots of ideas off the Internet and have come up with our own designs too.”

In making the bracelets, the clients roll non-toxic polymer clay, put holes in them, design them, bake them and package the jewelry using heat sealer.

Some bracelets feature local school colors, some are NFL team colors. They have even made an infant bracelet and another for cancer. There will also be holiday bracelets.

“We’re hoping we can get schools or local businesses to help us sell them,” Alexander said.

The bracelets are being sold at $5 apiece. So far, the clients have made 50 of them.

Corrina Alexander and Annette Hall, the director service specialists, are overseeing the project.

Empowering Life Without Limits is a group of professionals in the field of assisting adult individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (ID/DD) to become more independent and self-reliant.

“While we provide daily programs to improve their daily living skills and assist in finding employment, there are little or no resources for these individuals to express and act upon their desire to explore their world. As a result, Empowering Life Without Limits was created,” a spokesperson said.

Empowering Life Without Limits is a non-profit organization founded in September 2015. Its mission is to enrich the quality of life of adults with disabilities through travel and exploration that empower them to build friendships, conquer life skills that result in a sense of worth, and maximize their excitement and wonder of the world around them.

This organization is structured to address two critical barriers:

1.The lack of financial resources available for ID/DD individuals to explore and journey beyond the boundaries of their community

2. The physical or intangible obstacles that prevent individuals to access places they choose to explore.

“Barriers, we all have some form or another that prevents us from our goals,” the spokesperson went on. “Barriers are more pronounced with ID/DD adults; many you cannot see. Isolation is the most invisible barrier.”

The campaign is to raise funds for a lakehouse designed for adults with ID/DD to use for themselves. On the shores of many lakes in Ohio, the goal is to provide a facility for them to share with other adults with ID/DD get out of their structured environment and invite their family and friends for a peaceful and tranquil setting they deserve. We all need that vacation from time to time, and adults with ID/DD are no different. In fact, studies have indicated that these activities reverse the signs of premature aging and mental disorders in adults with disabilities. Moreover, all support resources such as Medicaid or other subsidies, do not cover this quality of life necessity.”

The campaign is to raise the funds to purchase the lakehouse so that indviduals will have a safe and secure place to fish, boat or just relax.

If any group wants to order, they can contact the local facility at 548-6025.

Making/selling bracelets to public

By Linda Moody

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