Support for State Senator Bill Beagle for Congress



Please be advised that I am urging support for state senator Bill Beagle who is a candidate in the upcoming Republican Primary for the 8th District Congressional seat that was previously held by the Honorable John Boehner.

I am supporting Bill since he has been an outstanding State Senator for the State of Ohio since his first election in 2010 and he is now serving with distinction his second term and it is only logical that he would proceed to be a US Congressman.

After Bill Beagle was first elected he helped to eliminate Ohio’s $8 Billion budget shortfall without raising our taxes. He also cut taxes for families and small businesses and voted to lower the tax burden on all Ohio taxpayers by more than $3 Billion dollars including an impressive income tax cut for all small business owners who do provide the majority of jobs in the 8th Congressional District.

He is also sensitive to our recent increase in agricultural taxes and he is working to lessen those skyrocketing increases and is reviewing legislation that will make much needed updates and clarifications in the Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) Law. This much needed legislation with the bill presently before the Ohio Senate better defines the factors to determine the capitalization – interest rate component used in our CAUV calculations.

With this modification of the capitalization rate we will achieve CAU values that are closer to the actual income-producing ability of Ohio farmland and thus realize the original purpose and policy of the CAUV law, which is to allow farmland owners to pay reasonable real estate taxes based on a farm’s “use” rather than its speculative fair market value.

The bill also provides that CAUV land used in a conservative practice either state or federal program, would be valued at the lowest value assigned on the basis of soil type. This requirement would encourage farmers to engage in practices that protect the environment and water quality.

Currently, under the CAUV rules, farmers are discouraged from participating in these programs because the farmland is taxed as though it is producing crops.

Senator Beagle has also been an avid supporter of our pubic library system here in Ohio and I know he will work tirelessly in Congress to support education and library programs. He is certainly the best choice to replace Mr. Boehner and I urge all Republicans to vote for him in the upcoming primary,


Duane E. Shields

Farmer, Educator and Former Darke County Central Committee Member – Van Buren Township


By Duane E. Shields


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