Versailles School Board discusses transportation plan


VERSAILLES — A transportation update on developing preventative maintenance measures and a replacement plan for busing was shared at the recent Versailles Board of Education meeting.

“Buses should get 15 years of service with the plan,” said a spokesperson. “The district plans to add one bus to the fleet each year. Transportation is working to update the school fleet with used low mileage buses where appropriate.”

In other matters, the board approved:

• an overnight field trip for members of the high school band to the DCI Performance at Paul Brown Stadium in Massilon and Cedar Point in Sandusky on Aug. 8 and 9 with director Ronda Stammen in charge.

• to accept with appreciation $25 from Marjorie Schultz to the FFA, $50 from Phelan Insurance Agency to the FFA, $50 from Versailles Savings & Loan to the FFA, $100 from Bruns Animal Clinic to the FFA, $100 from Jim Buchy to the FFA, $100 from North Star Hardware to the FFA, $100 from Jill Weaver to the FFA, $100 from Brian Winner to the FFA, $136.48 from Wayne Grange to the FFA, $350 from Darke County Farm Bureau to the FFA, $400 from the Ohio FFA Foundation, Inc. to the FFA, $1,500 from the Lydia Schaurer Memorial Trust Account to the High School Musical, $2,000 from Pohl Transportation to the High School Musical, $3,000 from Versailles Lodge 290 F & AM to the High School Musical, and $4,267.69 from VPAC to the Performing Arts Center.

• that board policies EEA (Student Transportation Services), EEAA (Eligibility Zones for Pupil Transportation), EEAC (School Bus Safety Program), EEACC/EEACC-R/JFCC/JFCC-R (Student Conduct on District Managed Transportation), EEACCA (Recording Devices on Transportation Vehicles), EEACD (Drug Testing for District Personnel Required to Hold a Commercial Driver’s License), EEAD (Non-Routine Use of School Buses), EEAE (Student Transportation in Private Vehicles), IGBE (Remedial Instruction), IGDA (Student Organizations), JEA (Compulsory Attendance Ages), and JECAA/JECAA-R (Admission of Homeless Students) receive their first readings.

• Angie Brown (school nurse), Cheryl Etter (aide/attendant), Ramona McClurg (custodian), and Brooke Pierron (aide/attendant) as substitutes in the positions noted for the 2015-16 school year.

• Steve Brandeberry, Leslie Cooper, Suzanne Gee and Shelby Rehmert as substitute teachers for the 2015-16 school year.

• the following high school students as Homework Help tutors for the 2015-16 school year with salary set at minimum wage (no more than four students per day): Jessica Ahrens, Olivia Bruening, Ashlyn Cordonnier, Mariah Collins, Lindsey Didier, Sophia Dunn, Lexi Fliehman, Maddie Grilliot, Michael Hemmelgarn, Adam Lyons, Kristin Langston, Kyle Marchal, Megan Marchal, Brett McEldowney, Courtney McEldowney, Kami Ording, Maddy Rickett, Rachel Shellhaas, Logan Shimp, Rachel Subler, Taylor Tyo, Megan VanSkyock, Haley Winner and Kelsey Westgerdes.

• to grant Jason Anthony (junior high boys track coach), Kristi Borchers (assistant softball coach), Michelle Elliott-Miller (junior high girls track), Corey Gehle (junior high girls track), Matt Harman (assistant boys track coach) and Jason Hemmelgarn (assistant baseball coach) supplemental contracts for the 2015-16 school year).

• to grant Christine Borchers (one year experience, Sch F, .065, $1,143) and Chad Marshall (0 years experience, Sch F, .065, $1,143) a split supplemental contract as junior high boys track coach for the 2015-16 school year.

• Brad Koopman and Troy Luebke as volunteer baseball coaches for the 2015-16 school year.

• to grant Kenzie Bruggeman a supplemental contract as head volleyball coach for the 2016-217 school year.

• to purchase an 84-passenger transit bus for not more than $90,000 from bids received by the Southwestern EPC.

• a resolution approving a community reinvestment area agreement between the Village of Versailles and Darnell Investment Group LLC, and declaring an emergency, whereas Darnell Investment Group LLC has submitted to the Village of Versailles a Community Reinvestment Area Application for certain real estate improvements within Community Reinvestment Area in the Village of Versailles, specifically at WJ Bohman Industrial Park, Subler Drive, Versailles; and, under the agreement in the Community Reinvestment Area Application Versailles EVSD will receive 50 percent of total calculated school taxes for 15 years. Total abated dollars will be $18,765.

During items for discussion, Hope Batty highlighted her attendance at the Ohio School Board Association’s New School Board Member Workshop in January. New course approvals for the high school were also discussed. Recommendation for approval of the courses in Family Consumer Science, Art, FFA, and Project Lead the Way will occur at the March board meeting. The school is on the March 15 ballot for renewal of the 1 percent income tax. A levy committee is not required unless funds are being sought or expended. There is not a committee at this time.

Superintendent Aaron Moran extended commendations to:

• Fourth-grader Tori Tyo for being the Darke County Middle School Spelling Bee runner-up.

• Grace Francis, Hannah Grilliot, Emily Kramer, Brody Hyre and Quincy Baltes for being selected to perform in the OMEA District XI Honors Band and Hannah Grilliot for being chosen to perform with the Tri State Honors Band.

• Payton Berger, Olivia Bruening, Kyle Cotner, Mason DeMange, Kari Mangen, Megan Marchal, and Chloe Rawlins for being chosen to perform in the OMEA District XI Honors Choir.

• the eighth-grade girls basketball team and coach Morgan Huffman for being MAC champions.

The next regular board meeting will be March 15 at 7 p.m. at the board office.

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