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I met Dan Coppess eight years ago when he started helping me in my kindergarten classroom. Dan’s grandson was in my class, and he would come in and do whatever was asked of him. Since that time, I have come to know Dan as a trustworthy and honest Christian friend. He is big hearted for helping others.

Last year, Dan started a food booth at the Great Darke County Fair. This year, he wants to continue the booth and donate proceeds to a family who has a child at Children’s Hospital, but he needs funds to reserve the booth space and pay for license and food.

You can show God’s love by donating any amount to help get his booth off the ground again this years. You also will enjoy very reasonable prices, saving you money in the long run. The booth will be located down by the rabbit barn. Call 937-548-5409 to donate.

Thank you for helping one of Dan’s charitable dreams come true.

Sincerely yours,

Karen Hill

By Karen Hill


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