Darke County kicks off 4-H year


DARKE COUNTY – Friends, family, volunteers and 4- H club members gathered Sunday for the 4-H County Recognition and Kickoff event. This year’s theme is “4-H Goes Green in ‘16!”

In 2015, the Darke County 4-H Program had 1,175 community 4-H Club members in 46 clubs with 232 adult volunteers and 2,228 4-H school enrichment students.

“Darke County is very fortunate in that we have a very vibrant and prosperous 4-H program and one of significant size in the state of Ohio…We applaud all the families that support their youth to be a part of our program,” said Rhonda Williams, Darke County OSU Extension Director, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development.

Krista Fourman presented the first special recognition of the night, the Friends of 4-H award. The recognition was started in 1984 to publicly honor and thank individuals, businesses and groups that have supported Darke County 4-H over a period of years. Support may have been financial and/or hard work and promotion of 4-H youth work.

This year’s recipients were Darke County Municipal Judge Julie Monnin of Greenville and Wayne Chinn of 1 Shot Services in Bradford.

“Judge Julie has sponsored 10-year awards for 4-H members for many years. In additio, she serves as a resource speaker for the 4-H CARTEENS program several times a year,” said Fourman. “We appreciate Judge Julie and her past and continued support of Darke County 4-H program.”

Monnin said it was an honor to receive the award, she was a 4-H member herself.

“I started off with goats and moved on to Red Bull Cattle, so you are are family to me. Thank you again and it’s always a pleasure to support something positive. I don’t always get to see a lot of positive sometimes in my days, but you guys are nothing but positive, so thank you again,” said Monnin to the crowd.

Chinn and his son Carter accepted the award on behalf of his business, 1 Shot Services.

“…1 Shot sponsors several awards each year. In addition, they support the Trash Bash Program which in turn benefits the 4-H program through paid community service opportunities,” said Fourman. “We appreciate Wayne and 1 Shot Services, and Carter, for supporting our Darke County 4-H youth.”

Williams presented two I dare You Awards; the recipients were Emily Miller (This & That) of Arcanum and John Fischer (Ansonia Animal) of Ansonia. The awards are given in recognition of outstanding leadership given to the 4-H organization by older 4-H members.

“The advancement of leadership skills is one of the primary goals of the 4-H youth development program,” said Williams.

Miller has served as a 4-H camp counselor for several years and as a member of Jr. Fair Board.

“We appreciate her leadership. She’s a great role model for our younger youth. She’s an extremely active young lady, not only in 4-H, but also her school organizations, but she always makes time and puts forth the effort so we do appreciate that,” said Williams.

Fischer, a senior at Ansonia High School, has served as a 4-H camp counselor and on the Jr. Fair Board.

“Another outstanding young man. He’s very active in school activities, but when I need him he’s here,” said Williams.

Awards were given to individuals and clubs in the following categories:

2016 State Trip Winner: Ohio Forestry Camp: Matt Slyder.

2015 Outstanding Officer Books

Secretary, treasurer, reporter and historian officer books are evaluated and outstanding books in each office are selected.

Secretary: 4 Paws: Sheyla Lutz; Ansonia 4-H: Grace Dapore; Ansonia Animal: Julie Oswalt; Blue Angels: Blake Addis; Cloverettes: Scott Grossi; Darke County Beef: Danielle Nerderman; Darke County Holstein: Kellie Ritz; Darke County Sheep & Lamb: Rachel Shellhaas; Darke County Swine: Morgan Young; Friendly Farmers: Addison Metz; Fun Bunch: Maggie Manuel; Genesis: Cameron Bucklew; Jackson Friendship: Leah Scholl Kountry Kids: Laney Fourman; Osgood Jolly 4-Hers: Janelle Hoelscher; Patterson Patchers: Deanna Hesson; Pets —N- Partners: Cheyenne Meyers; Rabbit Habbit: Courtney Bucklew; Silver Hoofs: Cassandra Gibboney and Versailles Busy Beavers: Brooke Timmerman.

Treasurer: 4 Paws: Josiah Westfall; Ansonia Animal: Matt Slyder; Banner Bound: Riley Hunt; Blue Angels: Charity Barnes; Buckeye Buckaroos: Kelsy Young; Darke County Beef: Isaac Gehret; Darke County Holstein: Zachary Miller; Darke County Swine: Lydia Sink; Friendly Farmers: Hannah Hall; Fun Bunch: Rachel Hoying; Greenville Rangers: Dylan Lewis; Jackson Friendship: Allison Phillippi; Kountry Kids: Rorie Stump; Osgood Jolly 4-Hers: Lisa Lange Patterson Patchers: Amber Barga; Pets —N- Partners: Kimberly Ritz; Silver Hoofs: Angel Elsner; Top Notch: Keona George and Versailles Busy Beavers: Alex Brewer.

Historian: Ansonia Animal: Julie Oswalt; Darke County Holstein: Alexis Barhorst; Mackenzie Bohman, Olivia Bohman, Kylie Miller, Kellie Ritz, Kimberly Ritz, Shelbie Schmitmeyer; Genesis: Chris Bucklew; Silver Hoofs: Alivia Lindamood, Jennifer Teegarden and Versailles Busy Beavers: Anna Brewer

Reporter: Canine Capers: Mercedes Gessaman; Darke County Holstein: Kylie Miller; Genesis: Issac Gulley; Patterson Patchers: Colleen Gehret; Silver Hoofs: Brittany Harter and Versailles Busy Beavers: McKayla Hess

2015 4-H Honor Clubs

Honor Clubs are 4-H clubs who have gone above and beyond regular 4-H club activities each year the honor is earned.

Gold: Ansonia 4-H Ansonia Animal; Blue Angels Darke County Beef; Darke County Holstein; Darke County Swine; Friendly Farmers; Genesis; Joyful Jets; Patterson Patchers; Paws -A-Tive Attitude; Pets —N- Partners Silver Hoofs and Versailles Busy Beavers.

Silver: Osgood Jolly 4-Hers

2015 Leadership Award Winners: 4 Paws: Sheyla Lutz; Ansonia Animal: Brad Slyder, Nathan Mueller; Buckeye Buckaroos: Taylor Dohme, Kayla Young, Kelsy Young Canine Capers: Hanna Rice; Cloverettes: Jennifer Stone; Darke County Beef: Isaac Gehret Darke County Holstein: Zachary Miller, Clair Schmitmeyer Darke County Sheep & Lamb: Haleigh Powell, Jacob Prashun, Rachel Shellhaus Darke County Swine: Tyler Martin Doggone Kids: Marcy Bradshaw; Friendly Farmers: Addison Metz Fun Bunch: Dylan Finkbine; Genesis: Molly Hunt, Hayley Maher; Joyful Jets: Bryan Day, Kylee Freeman, Alex Knepshield; Odds —N- Ends: Craig Shoenleben; Osgood Jolly 4-Hers: Lisa Lange; Patterson Patchers: Aaron Kaiser; Paws-A-Tive Attitude: Aaliyah Briner, Natasha Draper, Jasmine Kinnison Pets-N-Partners: Matthew Knight; Rabbit Habbit: Emily Fraley; Silver Hoofs: Cassandra Gibboney, Briana Jarrett, Collin Jennings Swine Koolers: Madelyn Fearon, Brenna Loxley, Cole Spitler; Tailwaggers: Matthew Ditmer; This-N-That: Emily Beisner, Erika Jeffers, Emily Miller; Top Notch: Keona George, AJ Warner and Versailles Busy Beavers: Faith Wilker, Brooke Timmerman, Megan Ward.

2015 Achievement Award Winners: 4 Paws: Jordan Gump, Scotty Ritchie; Ansonia Animal: Matt Slyder; Blue Angels: Blake Addis, Samantha Barnes; Buckeye Buckaroos: Cassidy Ditty, Tiffany Shiverdecker, Bailey Wilson; Canine Capers: Kennedy Hughes arke County Beef: Kelsey Crandall arke County Holstein: Alexis Barhorst, Shelbie Schmitmeyer; Darke County Sheep & Lamb: Chase Powell, Rebekah Prasuhn, Trenton Prasuhn; Darke County Swine: Ben Albers; Doggone Kids: Jacob Bradshaw Friendly Farmers: Kierra Reichert; Fun Bunch: Dylan Holsapple; Genesis: Carmen Badell, Cameron Bucklew; Joyful Jets: Bryan Day, Elli Earwood, Matti Earwood; Odds —N-Ends: Hunter Beireis; Patterson Patchers: Noah Barga, Malinda Barlage; Paws-A-Tive Attitude: Erica Gilbert, Leah Hiestand, Chad Millikin; Pets —N- Partners: Hope Schaaf; Rabbit Habbit: Chris Bucklew; Silver Hoofs: Dave Jarret, James Penny; Swine Koolers: Sidney McAllister, Hannah Smith, Zach Smith; Tailwaggers: Lucas Chrisman; This-N-That: Alexis Biddlestone, Hunter Biddlestone; Top Notch: Molly Clark and Versailles Busy Beavers: Alex Brewer, Ellie Brewer, McKayIa Hess.

2015 County Achievement Medal: Clothing & Textiles: Carmen Badell, Cameron Bucklew and Courtney Bucklew; Communications: Hayley Maher; Consumer & Family Science Jenna Mangen; Electricity: Kurt Meiring; Food & Nutrition: Lauren Meiring; Gardening & Horticulture: Megan Rismiller; Healthy Living: Blake Addis; Hobbies & Collectibles: Chris Bucklew; Photography: Samantha Barnes; Rabbits: Julie Oswalt Matt Slyder; Sheep: Brad Slyder; Shooting sports: Cooper Bucklew; Visual arts: Kylee Freeman and Shayla Stephan and Wood Science: Charity Barnes.














Wayne Chinn and his son Carter accepted the Friends of 4-H award on behalf of his business, 1 Shot Services of Bradford.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_DSC_0021P.jpgWayne Chinn and his son Carter accepted the Friends of 4-H award on behalf of his business, 1 Shot Services of Bradford.

Darke County Municipal Judge Julie Monnin of Greenville was the recipient of this year’s individual Friends of 4-H award.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_DSC_0019P.jpgDarke County Municipal Judge Julie Monnin of Greenville was the recipient of this year’s individual Friends of 4-H award.
Awards and recognition given

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