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I’d like to explain why Matt Huffman is the best candidate on the March 15 ballot for the 12th District Senate seat. Matt was a great leader on Lima City Council and in his years in the House of Representatives – but what I want to talk about are his values and his character.

Matt is deeply committed to the values our Founding Fathers expressed in the Declaration of Independence: We are endowed by our Creator with human rights. The Right to Life was the first right mentioned in the Declaration because it is fundamental. Due to his profound dedication to that principle, Huffman is the only candidate for the 12th District Senate seat endorsed by Ohio Right to Life. There are other pro-life candidates in the GOP – but no one is a stronger or more effective defender of the unborn, the disabled, and the unwanted than Matt Huffman.

Matt is also a strong defender of the Right to Bear Arms. It was put into the Constitution because our Founding Fathers knew it was part of a free people’s bedrock defense of liberty.

Matt is endorsed by Congressman Jordan because of these views and because he stands for small government, freedom from excessive government regulation, and free enterprise. Matt is especially strong when it comes to constituent services. Nothing pleases Matt more than helping his constituents deal with government bureaucracies. Matt gets results.

Spend a few minutes visiting You’ll see that Matt is the best candidate in the 12th Senate District. Cast your State Senate vote for Matt Huffman on March 15.

Michael R. Heaphy, MD


By Michael R. Heaphy, MD


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