Actions are worth more than expensive campaign ads



Right now our televisions are being flooded with words from several candidates running to fill John Boehner’s empty house seat. I believe actions are worth more than expensive campaign ads.

I first became aware of JD Winteregg in 2013 at a Right to Life rally in downtown Troy, Ohio. There JD spoke out against abortion and our government’s funding of Planned Parenthood. He said in order to change what our government does, we need to change the type of people we send there, principled people who defend the Constitution, not special interests. It was then that I first learned that JD Winteregg was considering running for the congressional seat in the 8th district. Since that time I have had the privilege to get to see more of who JD is and how his actions match his words.

I know that JD publicly challenged John Boehner to defund Planned Parenthood. He encouraged his Pastor and other religious leaders within the district to confront John Boehner concerning Planned Parenthood, and JD supported their efforts when they did meet with Boehner. On a more personal level, JD and his wife Aimee live near an elementary school and noticed many children walking by their home without warm coats and shoes. They started collecting coats and shoes to help the children in their neighborhood through their church. They’ve been doing this for a number of years and it has grown each year.

I know that JD also discovered that the GOP leadership in Butler County was engaged in underhanded activities to secure and help an establishment candidate receive their endorsement and financial backing. Without consideration as to how his actions would affect his campaign he exposed and confronted the Butler County GOP on their unethical activities. Because of JD’s courage there was no endorsement. Not only did JD’s actions benefit himself, but every candidate running for the house seat, leaving instead the endorsement to come from the district’s voters and not a few from within the party.

JD Winteregg is more than expensive TV campaign ads with words and promises. JD Winteregg is a candidate who lives each day following his convictions and doing what is right and good for his neighbors and community. He stood up to John Boehner when nobody else would. I have seen with my own eyes that JD does what he says. It is for those reasons that I for the first time have donated to a political campaign, knocked on doors, and made phone calls. I hope you will join me on March 15 and vote for a candidate of conviction and not convenience, JD Winteregg.

Linda McKowen

Tipp City, Ohio

By Linda McKowen

Tipp City, Ohio

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