I don’t think of my dad as a politician



I don’t think of my dad, John Adams, as a politician. He was a Navy SEAL and he now works at our family furniture store. Although he is running for state senate, he is just a normal guy who fights for what he believes in. This past summer dad and I went door-to-door campaigning throughout seven counties. We went to over 5,000 houses and got to meet thousands of people and listen to their stories. Although we usually packed our lunches, stopping at the small town restaurants and bakeries was fun too!

Since I wasn’t quite 16 at the time, dad got the chance to teach me how to drive, and that was interesting! Even though I was terrified to merge onto highways, he was always so supportive and patient. We made so many memories and it turned out to be a fantastic summer. After school started, my grandpa Adams came to stay with our family for 6 weeks, and he helped dad go door-to-door campaigning. I thought it was neat that the two of them got to spend a lot of time together too.

Dad is very passionate about this race. I can tell you he is angry about the way politics in Columbus usually works, and he wants to try his hardest to change it for you. He wants to win so he can be the voice of the people, not for the people in Columbus. That is why I am sincerely asking for your support when election day comes on March 15.

Maria Adams


By Maria Adams


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