Buchy urges vote for Matt Huffman



There are a lot of people whom I have built a relationship with from my fortunate position in elective office. In that time, I have met a handful of persons who stand out above the rest as statesmen whom have a tremendous amount of talent and have selflessly dedicated that talent to public service.

In the race to be our next State Senator, Matt Huffman is one of those very select few persons who falls in the definition from above. You may have had an opportunity to meet Matt personally at the local fair or as he has knocked on countless doors in our area. Matt is from Lima, and most recently served with me as Allen County’s State Representative.

Matt always showed up to work and cast conservative votes that reduced taxes and strengthened the second amendment. He has been a fierce defender of life, and when Ohioans needed their legislators to hear the concerns of the Common Core, Matt chaired the committee that allowed Ohioans to speak.

Matt was a leader in the legislature and when problems needed solved from a political log jam to challenges with legal code he was everyone’s go-to guy. He is above the rest and will provide the strong voice we need in Columbus to protect our values and fight for sound money management.

Representative Jim Buchy

84th District

By Representative Jim Buchy

84th District

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