Beagle stands with our veterans



Serving in America’s armed forces is a great honor and a privilege, but as we know it also comes with it’s share of sacrifices for our service members and their families. To those who have risked their lives for our freedom our nation makes a solemn promise. Though from time to time this country has fallen short of the promise, it is clear to all of us who have served that America is committed to this promise of assuring health, security and a degree of prosperity for our veterans and their families. America’s promise is to honor and support those who have sacrificed so much so everyone at home can work toward the American Dream. Bill Beagle has worked hard to fulfill that promise, which is why I have whole-heartedly endorsed Bill Beagle for Congress.

Bill Beagle knows how difficult life can be for a military family, especially when their serviceperson is relocated multiple times. This means uprooting families and careers while fulfilling their duty to their country. When I introduced legislation to make sure spouses had access to unemployment benefits when they lost their job due to a military move, Bill Beagle cosponsored the legislation with me.

When the General Assembly passed a law to make sure military members were able to transfer their years of military courses into college credit to help them restart their civilian careers, Bill Beagle stood with our military families and cosponsored the bill.

When the legislature approved a homestead property exemption to give wounded service members a leg up on their finances, Bill Beagle was there for our veterans.

Bill Beagle values the men and women of our armed forces. As a U.S. Army veteran who served in the U.S. Special Forces as a Green Beret, I am proud to call Bill Beagle a friend and grateful to be his colleague at the Statehouse. I hope you will join me in supporting a friend of our veterans by electing Bill Beagle to be Ohio’s next congressman this March.

State Senator Frank LaRose

By State Senator Frank LaRose

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