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When people describe John Kasich’s life of public service, they often mention that he was the youngest person in state history to be elected to our state Senate and when he ran for Congress, he was the only Republican nationwide in 1982 to beat an incumbent Democrat. He’s developed the reputation as someone who gets things done and may ruffle some feathers in the process.

In my years of working with Governor Kasich, here’s what I’ve learned: John Kasich is a great leader with a tremendous mind and a tremendous heart, and he has used his unique gifts to help our state in more ways than I can count.

When I first heard he was going to run for President, I said to myself, ‘If there’s anyone who could and should do it, it’s John.’

And since announcing his candidacy in July, he’s defied the odds and beat expectations every step of the way.

The Governor’s overwhelming re-election in 2014 speaks for itself, and on March 15, Ohioans should do everything we can to make John Kasich our next president.

The impact Governor Kasich’s leadership has had across our state is tangible, from better roads and infrastructure, to stronger schools and, of course, the creation of new jobs. Just think about this: When he inherited the state, his predecessor had overseen the loss of 350,000 private sector jobs. This didn’t deter Governor Kasich. In fact, it inspired him all the more to turn things around. Since taking office, I have had the chance to work with Governor Kasich to eliminate an $8 billion deficit — a larger sum than most of us can comprehend — and turn it into a $2 billion surplus, and this pro-jobs approach paved the way for the creation of more than 417,000 new private sector jobs.

As I’ve gotten to know Governor Kasich, I’ve learned he is a man capable of achieving the unachievable. When he was elected to serve Ohio in Congress, he fought against Republicans and Democrats to balance the federal budget for the first time since man walked on the moon. When he goes back to Washington, this time to the White House, I’m confident he’ll do it again.

When I’m looking to support a candidate, I look for someone who has a history of doing what they say they’re going to do. As Senate President, I regularly meet with the Governor and Speaker on state issues. I can tell you John Kasich fights for the same things in private that he says in public.

He represents everything that makes me proud to be an Ohioan. It is a great honor to support him on his journey to the White House. John Kasich has never been one to shy away from doing what’s right for Ohioans, and I am certain he is in this race to help America.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting our governor, John Kasich, on March 15th.

Senator Keith Faber


By Senator Keith Faber


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